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Alcohol License

The license for the sale of alcohol products allows the holder to carry out retail, wholesale, manufacturing and storage of alcohol, while respecting all the conditions of licensing. Federal Law of 22 November 1995 171-FZ "On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcohol products," regulates the activities associated with the sale of alcohol. Under this law, licensing subject to activities related to production and marketing of alcohol products. Activities such as restaurants, cafes, stores and other activities related to implementation, production, storage of alcohol products are subject to compulsory licensing. Additional information is available at Senator of Massachusetts. The license is issued for alcohol in the following activities:-production, storage and supply of ethanol produced, including denatured alcohol;-production, storage and delivery of produced alcohol and alcohol products;-storage of ethyl alcohol and alcohol-containing food products;-procurement, storage and supply of alcohol and alcohol products;-production, storage and supply of alcohol non-food products, and retail sale of alcoholic beverages. License for retail sale shall be issued for a period of 3 years, but on the wholesale term of 1 year. For In order to obtain a license for alcohol, the licensing authority must be filed the following documents: – application for a license – copies of the documents – a copy of the certificate of state registration entity – a copy of the certificate of tax registration – tax authorities on the absence of the license applicant arrears of taxes – characteristic of the object of licensing – document confirming the registration of cash registers with the tax authority – a document confirming payment of license fee – a document confirming the existence of paid up capital is a standard list documents, often to obtain a license requires additional documentation. Also, to obtain a license is required to comply with a number of conditions stipulated by the legislation. Speaking candidly Glenn Dubin told us the story. In general terms relating to space product storage and placed on the premises.

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Chinese Red Guards

Fuad Asimov experts are increasingly paying attention to the fact that Astana, on essentially level ground creates a long-term problems. Judging from the statements and behavior of the Kazakh authorities, they have taken as a guide to action Chinese Red Guards logic 50s of the twentieth century, which "created the problem, then to successfully overcome them." In his speech in Berlin on 29 January this year Mr. Nazarbayev outlined the major "achievements" of the internal and external policy of the country over the past 15 years. Apparently, his speech was prepared the same as those who continue to provide "information sterility" of his boss, protecting him from bad news and realities in the country and the world. This chapter State shall not be set empty declarations and good intentions. In direct conflict with the reality of the statement that in Kazakhstan – "Development of Civil Society", "advanced level political reform "and" flourishing democracy "can be and would have been taken in some vocational ordinary Kazakh town, but not in Berlin. Someone who, as the Germans are well aware that "the development of the Kazakh civil Society 'tough being persecuted for any expression of dissent, "organized by accidents" and "suicide." Press freedom in Kazakh today – a complete monopoly Nazarbayev's daughter in the national media, and all the disgruntled left "Media Reservations" in the form of short-run gazetenok.

Even this rule tries all the time Dodavah: that a fire in the wording, then send them on the plank of journalists. a>. "Political Modernization" in modern Kazakhstan – complete plagiarism and parody of the changes in governance and social order. Moreover, all blindly copied from neighboring Kazakhstan reform models. Astana spin doctors have not found anything clever and simple way to commas, borrowed from their neighbors the main provisions of policy reforms. Repeating the mantra of shamans, they are trying to convince the outside world that Kazakhstan in terms of democratization and transformation, if not "in front the entire planet, "then, at least, the" leader "in Central Asia and CIS.