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Effective Bargaining

We hear talk of negotiations and we usually associate them to conventions signed by trade unions, international alliances or agreements agreed by jurists. We also relate the word negotiation with opposing positions or situations of a problematic nature. If we approach the topic from a new perspective, it will surprise us view that negotiation is part of our everyday life, personal relationships, social activities or actions related to our work. Trying to remember some negotiations in which I have taken part, one of them stands out in my mind. It was conducted in the interview with my supervisor that you appreciate my work. In this article I will explain how such interview, my performance during the same and their results were developed.

Also will discuss how it would change my performance if I would have known the new techniques for effective negotiations. The assessment of the work of their employees became once a year in the company where I worked. The expectation of my interview of valuation I produced a bit of discomfort because it was going to perform a new Director who had not had the opportunity to observe the work that I had developed the previous year. It was rumored among employees that this Director valued all employees equally, everyone received an intermediate rating, which corresponds your employee who carries out its work properly but without providing any notable or worthy of mention action. Against what I expected, that rumor proved to be true.

The interview of appreciation of my work was reduced to a mere review of my competences, that the Director was assigning to each of them one medium score. I.e. There was no occasion for her that I had developed my job way above normal, if not that his opinion had done work to the minimum level required. I was in total disagreement with your assessment and my feelings of frustration and disagreement were easily noticed.