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Old Stress

In the EU, esteem that loses 80 billions of dollars by this annually ” novedosa” disease: stress. To know more about this subject visit Dr. John Mcdougall. In fact, Japan lives one on the estresantes systems of the planet due to factors like the population HD, the house type of 45 meters squared in which five people in average, the being live a country whipped in winter by frozen winds of Siberia and in summer by storms of the Pacific. And to add something more, the earthquakes; his deficiency of resources, since they are needed to concern near 85% of everything what they consume, has taken which it to also have a leadership in ulcers, alcoholism, tobacco addiction, et cetera. All these symptoms are conjugated to produce stress and it has managed itself to establish a direct relation of this phenomenon with the quality, being an inversely proportional factor, that is to say, whichever major is stress, minor quality is obtained and to the inverse one. Nevertheless, it is common to observe so much in the industrial plants as in the offices of the Japan, that are programmed interruptions each two or three hours to manage to desestresar to its people, and thus, with gymnastic tables for example, it is possible to resist the prophetic effects of this disease.

Instructive experiences have been realised on the matter, with mice of laboratory submissive experiments in which they are placed in cages of such form which they are crippled of all movement; they receive strong electrical unloadings cyclical, and after a predetermined time they are operated to observe the physiological effects: consideration ulcers can be measured, cardiac problems and cancer principles are even detected; however when to the animal the movement is allowed him, even though it cannot escape of the cage, the effects occur in a proportion from one to 10 in relation to the totally immobilized animal. It is created wrongly that, to desestresar itself, it is enough with leaving vacations or weekend, or by means of the practice of some sport in some hour of the day, without considering that, exactly the tensions will be transferred to the sunny beach or the colorful and rythmical room of aerobics. In order to avoid this, diverse systems have been implemented already that, carried out several times during the day, resist the mortal effects of stress. Stress has influenced in considerable form in the quality of products; thus for example, in the United States it is had typified the bad quality that leaves the plant Mondays, day in which the personnel is highly estresado. In Mexico, with the production of Fridays in afternoon, when the anxieties to leave are become serious, we see that the quality can vary considerably; if to this we added that some supervisors like to scare their people, surprising it when it commits an error, is a fact who add, to the tension, a certain tremor that accompanies to the workers the rest by the day. Also it is certain that despite being in fashion, stress is as old phenomenon as the humanity, since it is a defense system that puts to us on the alert before the danger and we can conceptualizar it like necessary for the survival. If we drugged to one gacela to induce sleep its senses, we will see how when happening before a lion, its natural predator, instead of to escape it will happen without perturbing; surely it will be the last negligence of his life, and although stress is not properly this vital alert, always the attention to survive has produced tension.