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This article is dedicated to those who by nature of their activity, lifestyle is forced to constantly travel from one end of the world to another, visiting several countries or cities in a month or even a week. Every day, changing the form of window, the people, and, of course, a place of habitation. Tired of impersonal standard hotel rooms? I want to comfort and warmth even when you’re away from home? Stay at the hotel is absolutely a worthy alternative – apartments for rent. Not regardless of whether you are tourist or coming to Kiev to work, rent an apartment – is the right choice, and then there are a number of reasons. First of all, even to live in a rented apartment more comfortable, easier and more enjoyable, rather than in hotel rooms. Since you, though at the time, has its own private space where you can relax, do chores, sports, suit is not too noisy parties, invite friends, which, incidentally, will be able to stay the night.

In short, you can do all that used to do at home without fear that someone can invade your privacy. Comfort living in the apartment also is that you get a kitchen with full appliances, where you at desire, can make your own food, but also at your disposal will be by phone, no problem, you can make calls within the city and free long distance, possibly for a fee. In addition, your rented an apartment you can come when you want it, as in hotels often have rules on this matter. In general, freedom of action and movement – this is what you get when renting a flat on arrival in Kiev. Secondly, the rental apartments will cost you to order less expensive than rent a room in a less comfortable hotel in Kiev. Especially if you come not one, but in the company of friends, associates, relatives … So how do you pay for the whole apartment, not the number of beds, as the hotel.

And, finally, a couple of tips on how to rent an apartment in Kiev, and not face the fraud. Deal with individuals who offer mediation services for a nominal fee – is risky. Because money and take an apartment is likely to be found. You sign a contract themselves provide information services, will provide a base of rental flats to meet your requirements, phone the owners and according to this apartment you will find yourself. Or, more to cooperate with agencies known and proven. If the owners require in the contract some belay amount, in case you mess up something in the apartment, do not rush to believe. Money you can not come back. Upon delivery of the apartments there is bound to be broken chair, have disappeared tile … And yet, looking at beautiful pictures of the apartment in Internet did not expect to get the same luxury apartments in reality. Many agencies simply just place the pictures are good. In the general approach the issue seriously and get a great comfortable temporary home.