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Life Itself

Synonymous of Life To explain the human attachment to the things that it are exterior, that necessarily they are not part of its close nature to seem to be so complex when to explain what is for the reason but never for the eyes. has who says that the object of esteem is valid more than the presence human being. The object not trai. It does not go even so nor asks for the inopportune freedom to itself to its object condition: A property of the free thing. When to the ears some melody is offered which desperte an inexplicable feeling, we incline in to believe them more music that in the magnificent voice of the entity sings that it. As if the sound existed for itself and the express conscience was not more than the proper nature of a sound that if desvela to who can hear. It has that it loves more the clothes that the person who dresses; the drawings of the son who the existence of the child.

Yes. where the hunger is continuous, the humanity always loses its value. The so little arrives that today already is died and if it kills for not having what to eat for having fear not to have to who to love. The dog, the mantle loves itself since infancy, the viaduct where if deferred payment the craft that explores in them to the dull dignity of who works 24 hours. The meaning of the life is the proper idea of ownership. We deposit our happiness in the most diverse points. Any point is expression of our affection. As many times we love more the book that the writer, the monthly allowance that the simple presence of the parents. It is srdido, but it has men that son places in the world and omit the sanguineous proximity.

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Rio Grande Rice

The rice that was heavy was the call of rice of the colony, produced in the city. The rice of is, normally of the Rio Grande Do Sul, came already packed in 5 bags of kg. Gensio arrived for me and said that the rice of was special and I could not open the bags to vender lesser amount. He was more expensive and it are of the bag would be confused with the rice of the region, that was cheaper. Gensio caught its fusca and was besieges for it left and me alone taking account of the commerce. It arrives a customer and it sees the rice of the 2 Rio Grande and asks for kg. I spoke that only the bag of 5 could vender kg.

The Gecy owner, woman of the master, heard my colloquy with the customer and came there of the deep ones, of where they liveed, and was giving one soon to me esculacho. Who spoke that it cannot vender two kilos? You are sluggish and she does not want is to have the work of weighing the rice for the man. The woman put the hand in the bag and weighed the two kilos of rice and came back snorting toward the house of it. I was in anger. The Gensio only leaves when to arrive. I go to count it who the order of it was disrespected. In addition, I had been insulted for obeying what it orders.

Already he was after the five of the afternoon when the Gensio arrived besieges of it to liberate me to go for the school. I counted to the episode for it tim tim for tim tim. He waited that the man was to rub that bag opened in the face of the woman in my presence. She would be the Gloria. He swims. Gensio spoke calmly that the women are thus same and was better to leave to have one there fight with the Gecy Owner. The time showed to me that Gecy Owner was good people.