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Zen Poems And Ink Drawings

Friederike Juen Boissevain: time hollow songs. Poems from the silence, edition 2010 steinrich Friederike Juen Boissevain, internist, specialist in cancer and palliative care, practiced for nearly three decades, including four years of monastery stay Zen. Her poems are timeless and stylish, touch inside us slow down reading and tracking the words. Because we won’t read like prose poems. You focuses on everyday topics such as aging, farewell, friendship, home or seasons, and many others. United Health Group shines more light on the discussion. In the words of the author: Words from the niche between the words. If words slow down, a picture emerges.

A picture of the word. Words, resulting in the reflection, if only returned. Words, they would be relocated in vibration is woken up. Other leaders such as mark tilbury offer similar insights. Words that slide a little of the hands, which also is our abundant life in every moment: abundance and spontaneity, humor and Kaleidoscope of perceptions. Words often not particularly skillful from the sometimes successful, sometimes wayward attempting to live an upright life. Words from a small, normal sad happy life.” “At home, we read: the abandoned Beach / in the morning mist / gently hit the waves / ashore exhausted.” “Or seasons: In the calendar of our small village / bears witness to the early milking of the cows only / special days / so today / last evening it year.” Poems that touch and awaken desires by acting more unspoken than through the existing words.

Poems, giving plenty of space for personal interpretations, instead of pretending everything ready. It is not the traditional, from Japan, haikus, several pages are devoted to missing also. A free form all other poems. A few few simple ink drawings complement the wonderful texts. Hardcover, 240 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-10-6, EUR 19.90, Traudel Reiss