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How to build the first 'cycle'? First, you need to buy steroids regard to the cycle there is the following advice: Set a specific goal and stop 'cycle' aas when the goal achieved. Next – a little rest, and – a new goal. But for beginners who are the possibility of his body is not yet known, though, is to introduce some restrictions. Duration of the first 'cycle' (unless you decide to start with short 'cycles') can be 6-8 weeks after that is done the same for the duration of the break. In a question-answer forum patrick smith was the first to reply. On the preparations we've talked, but as for their dosage, then you can follow these rules: the total dose should not be less than 500 mg per week, and should not exceed 1000 mg, that is to say, one gram in the same week. Dose below 500 mg / week will not give you the opportunity (or rather, the vast majority of you – because there are always unique, capable of progressing to the ultra-low dosages and AAC) to feel any appreciable impact of androgens and anabolic steroids. Well, all that cumulatively exceed 1 gram a week, a lot of athletes who aas use is not the first year. These doses are valid if taken as a basis for testosterone. , : (Conditionally) equal in power to testosterone, boldenone, Primobolan, again arbitrarily, it can be assumed and a half times weaker (ie, 400 mg of testosterone replacement may be approximately 600-700 mg of boldenone). The dosage of oxymetholone should be approximately twice the dosage of 'methane' oralturinabola – and a half to two times. Remember these tips:

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