Psychoanalysis Psychology

The birth of psychology as it disciplines autonomous worker alone vaiocorre, truily, from 1879 in Leipzig, with the creation for First Wundtdo dedicated laboratory to the psychic studies. At the beginning of century XX, with the appearance of the psychological schools. Estruturalismo, Bureaucracy, Behaviolismo, Gestalt psychology and Psychoanalysis occur a disruption with the dualismoimplicado one in Psychology, then defined as the science of the psiquismo or dosfatos of the conscience. Psychology does not study only the human behavior. It still studies with behavior of the animal, mainly of rats echimpanzs, this study offers to interesting subsidies in the understanding dasbases of the human behavior.

Psychology as science that does not have condiesde to always use the traditional methods of the calls accurate sciences. Apsicologia is the study of the behavior. as main man and its well-being is nossosinteresses, and of the behavior that we treat here. With the study, psychology must look for to reach trsobjetivos it discretion, the prediction and the control of the behavior. It must, therefore to be capable to describe the necessary deformed behavior and explains it adequately, before if to be able to think empredizes it or changes it, with reasonable edge of success. PSYCHOLOGY AND ITS FIELD OF ACTIVITY psychology encloses some fields of performance. As clinical, esportiva Psychology, instructive, schools, hospital and deexcepcional psychology. The used field in the research was the clinic.

Apsicologia nowadays. Psychology is a science empirical, and sophisticated, quecresce quickly, and wants can be applied, at least tentatiively and quepode to be applied to help very in the solution of of the practical problems dasociedade. It is not a Body of truths you established, sabedoriaclinica, or philosophical speculations, however joint complex, vigorous epotente of methods sofisticadospara the discovery of basic relations quepodem to be of great meaning for each man, and a set scientific degeneralizaes useful-each generalization to put exhibits a etiquetaprobalitistica, nothing is absolute. Psychology is a boarding a way to arrive aosproblemas and to think regarding them. Psychology this making tremendous progressos: who querque is involved in this field can be proud of the power of the humildade, daamplitude and of the success of the psychology of today. CONCLUSION I conclude that most important it is the professional devotion, atica it is to hug the profession is to make with the love and to like what making. Therefore and the life of the human being that arrow in game. Therefore an imperfection can cause serious problems. They profissotem it that to have concientious in its acts, and to aim at the good and lucrative not eexagerada it. Everything that if makes for love has its you reward.

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