Professional Nursing

In this direction, the not-verbal communication blunts as an essential instrument in the assistance to the health. Then, the objective of this study is to reflect on the importance of the not-verbal communication of the patients during the nursing consultation. The analysis sources had consisted of books, periodic, scientific, teses articles and dissertaes, consulted in the vestibule of the Virtual Library in Sade (BVS), that it included the sites of scientific search: LILACS (Caribbean Latin American Literature and in Sciences of the Health), SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online), BDENF (Database of Nursing) and MEDLINE (International Literature in Sciences of the Health). In the accomplishment of the present article, it was considered that if it cannot leave to consider importance of the communication, as privileged form of language and way of expression. Its importance is such that it propitiates, in terms of acquisition of information on the patient, an immense and essential wealth. To if catching information from the verbal communication, the reasoning, the understanding and the knowledge set in activity.

the not-verbal communication to show the involuntary consequences, our deeper feelings, at last, what it has under the surface of the language. Thus, if it cannot think solely about the transmitted, untied words, but in a global, holistic communication. Word-key: Communication; Not-verbal communication; Nursing; nursing consultation. 1 – INTRODUCTION the communication is an essential instrument in the relation enters the professional of health and the patient. Through it, as much the professional how much the patient has the possibility of if making to understand, to inform, to transmit, to comfort and of being if the human knowledge. The intersubjectividade or the intercommunication is the primordial characteristic of this cultural and historical world.

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