Political Adminstration

Hence, the need that the current Administration Schools national universities undertake to train, train management professionals according to the requirements, demands that the current scenario need. Present reality Regarding the national stage that has characteristics that must be taken into account when defining the profile of the administrator required aspects: At the national a Uncertainty, risks, turbulence, not only by the actions of government have given way to a fear of political instability and investment, seriously impacting organizational behavior from the companies, leading many to low productivity, poor participation in markets and deterioration in quality of their products. a Absence of administrators, managers trained in the skills required to meet the challenges, threats, opportunities and usher in the changes necessary to help resolve the situation a Untying economic programs of the State with the business, especially private ones, giving way to trachea not have an integration that will benefit, especially to the new foreign trade policy the government has undertaken.

Untying the schools of Directors, the universities themselves to the requirements, problems currently presents the national scene a Absence of highly qualified teachers, with real guarantees academic, experience, able to provide the required knowledge to the demands of the present. accelerated Unit imported products has affected the domestic business sector and has led consumers to identify more with foreign products as nationals a Low cohesion and integration of business sectors for the defense of their rights and in finding solutions that enable them to performance-driven integrated them in its operational pro a Fear, distrust of what has been called XXI Century Socialism, considering the weakness of political culture, which manages the ordinary Venezuelans.

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