PKV Insurance

Cheap private health insurance – experts warn as buyer pays a private health insurance (PKV) you can often even less than in a statutory health insurance fund. Nonetheless, caution is advised because conspicuously cheap rates of the car can bring also some deficits. Cheap tariffs of PKV with caution to enjoy some PKV tariffs appear unbeatable cheap at first glance. But fasten the decision for private health insurance at the price alone, can have dangerous consequences for an insured person. Because in part the supposedly cheap tariffs in an emergency have large performance gaps, so that the customer must pay much but out of his own pocket. Stiftung Warentest warned already last year before some PKV cheap rates.

After a doctor visit cheap insurers reimburse treatment among other things only pro rata, the car insured must then assume a portion of the physician fee. Also the assurances in the contract include a performance often including psychotherapy or physical therapy of From the outset. And also the costs for dental services is restricted to privately insured with a cheap fare to an annual ceiling. Increase in premium at cheaper PKV pre-programmed private health insurers that offer comparatively very low tariffs, were several times reprimanded in the past. Them is accused of initially deliberately to lure customers with attractive low rates and then, if this not more can undo their decision for the PKV, greatly increasing the contributions. Also miscalculations of the insurance companies can cause that car customers pay very low premiums, and later are confronted with enormous premium increases.

Insured persons who actually wanted to save money with a cheap fare, must then ultimately pay more than originally planned. Without a detailed and professional advice, therefore no one should opt for a cheap car. Correctly save even young, healthy people in the PKV the independently working, want to save money with the car. Before graduating from a cheap car should check the terms and conditions of the tariff necessarily with an expert, which comes in question for them. Who wants to save the car, look for a corresponding price, which has no risky performance gaps. Subject to performance constraints, such as, for example, refraining from a chief physician treatment in a hospital or on grants for Visual AIDS, insured of the car can save anyway. C. Garcia online editorial

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