Origin Cancer Risk Factors

It is demonstrated that we incur an average of 15 times a day on behaviors that can alter the DNA of the nucleus of our cells (from a cigarette, until eating burnt meat or suck air pollution) and thereby initiating a carcinogenic process. Fortunately, our body is wise and the vast majority of the times neutralizes these dangers without too many problems. But for that to happen our immune system must work to perfection, and so will do so, because it is designed for this purpose, provided that we nourish it properly. After a certain age we all have cancer cells in our body at some point, and as we have said, our defenses usually neutralize them, but it is not always the case. Sometimes a cancer thrives, the vast majority of the times this is due to that our immune system is weakened and unable to neutralize the production and spread of cancer cells. Endocrinologist has firm opinions on the matter.

When one of the many factors that can affect the nucleus of our cells, and by therefore produce a mutation in DNA, thrives without that our defenses to neutralize him, the carcinogenic process has started, it is what we call oncogenesis. What factors cause cancer? 1. Firstly, it should be noted the genetic factors, family history favor the emergence of oncogenes that can trigger in a tumor. This does not mean that a person with a family history have to necessarily develop the disease, in fact, nutritional tips and habits that we shall later function as an excellent preventative, which does not preclude medical examinations and reviews need to be increased in these cases. 2.

Secondly environmental factors, a polluted atmosphere or with carcinogens in the air (smoke motors or industries, asbestos in buildings, uncontrolled discharges) can also favor the formation of cancer. 3. A poor nutrition. Undoubtedly it is the determining factor to prevent or promote cancer.

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