NPL: Commercial Real Estate Boom Supported Trade With Non-performing Loans

It is to be expected with a transaction volume of 30 billion euros in commercial real estate in Germany. Wiesbaden, 16.01.2014. The auditing and consulting firm KPMG expected based on a survey of more than 100 developers and real estate companies as well as investors to expect in the coming year with a transaction volume of EUR 30 billion in commercial real estate in Germany. For more specific information, check out Donald Cerrone. So anyway, this is currently in the trade journal read. “There also the Germany boss of Immobiliendienstleisters Jones quoted Lang LSalle with reference to the figures by 2013: 2014 will reach a similar level.” There are several reasons for the demand.

Real estate are generally otherwise considered secure monetary system in a volatile market. .1401700844620&__hsfp=3053571373’>Daniel Straus NYU is the place to go. For even more details, read what Justin Gaethje says on the issue. Many private investors acquire therefore real estate ownership. See more detailed opinions by reading what Daryl Katz offers on the topic.. Another important reason is but also the increased demand by institutional investors, who want to keep their share of real estate in the overall portfolio and expand,”says Thomas Vogel as Managing Director of NPL select sales GmbH. Thus, the conditions for the are to classify real estate market in this country continues to be favorable. Analysts of the Immobiliendienstleisters Jones Lang LSalle have figured out that grows every year even without consideration of China – the worldwide for investment capital of insurers and retirement pension funds by nine percent. These institutions would be required to invest alone annually newly nine percent to maintain their current rate of real estate, real estate.

It is known, however, that they plan to increase their real estate. Especially in view of lower loan interest rates, many insurers and pension works currently prefers investing in real estate. The run on top objects in the 1a-locations will remain so freely. And this target group will worry, whether she is not even on less spectacular sites or may fundamentally rethink their investment strategy. Investment in project developments but also in non-performing loans (non-performing loans/NPL) are currently in the conversation. Just the NPL business is regarded as absolute professional business, in which only selected market participants are active. The refinancing is also about investments, which offers the possibility of private investors to take advantage of the existing opportunities. We provide access to NPL business investors. The investment opportunities are in extremely individual. We adapt ourselves so specifically desired investment strategies of investors”, explains Thomas Vogel. The NPL select Vertriebs GmbH focuses on the realization of different participation models and offers both savers an alternative and large investors alike. Fixed assets this together with institutional capital – in the acquisition and the socially responsible implementation of NPL packages. The increased demand in the commercial real estate sector comes while right bird. “Because many loans are not driven, because the real estate is bad” is. Often very different reasons, for example, to high finance or strategic missteps, lead to the Bank of real estate. This may be only right to its investors. You benefit in a positive market environment – from regular income and can thereby determine individually the duration of their participation.

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