Mystery Case

Past tenants lived here nearly a year and left two months ago – he said didn’t you want to answer. I was left with pensive air. They were two people who denied me the existence of a child in the House. He didn’t get in reason. He didn’t believe that all were my imaginations. So, after the warning from Victor for not to do so, I decided to climb the stairs and take a look on the first floor. I opened wide all vent doors that kept in silence that now, at last, me desesperaba for wanting to know.

The rooms were empty. Really, there was no one. -If no one inhabits this House, does what interest the House for you? Why do not can you enter anyone here? -I asked him with doubtful appearance, he seemed to arise if tell me or not what kept with so much distrust. In the end, be He inclined to reveal the truth. -You see, as you know, I’m a journalist.

Work for the ‘ Mystery Case. A month ago, the family who was staying here, Campoy, made contact with me. Apparently, they had suffered experiences that are difficult to explain. Told me among other things that the objects were moved from one place to another, which heard, who saw human shadows and noises which appeared messages written by walls crying out for help – I have lived here many years. And, for a long time this House has been abandoned. The town has not heard opinions on if it’s a haunted house – told – by the information that I have been able to obtain, this House was built in 1940 to make there lived a young married couple, the Grijalbo. The two came from well avenues and wealthy families, but there was something playing against her, and that she was not in love with her husband.

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