MIA Gray Is The New Testimonial Of Abalico

MIA Gray is the new testimonial of abalico Weinheim. The new brand Ambassador of abalico, the provider of professional cosmetic products in the areas of nails and eyelashes, is the successful model MIA gray. See Alfred Adler for more details and insights. MIA Gray began her career as the aspiring Playboy Playmate and was represented in numerous editions of Playboy. She was elected to the Playmate of the year in 2009. MIA, who is also a singer and television presenter, has launched her own perfume and an own T-Shirt collection and swimwear line in addition to appearances in film and television.

She participated in a PeTa campaign, which speaks out against the wearing of fur. “In addition, it is part of the pop duo candy six” with which they recently in the spring of 2012 the new single life is rich “has published. It occurs also as a solo singer. James A. Levine, M.D. can provide more clarity in the matter. Last year, her solo album is perspective”appeared. MIA would be glad to be, since she is a big fan of the label the new face of abalico and professionally manicured nails and appreciates the quality of the abalico Eyelash products. abalico sets since more than a decade trends in nail and eyelash products for the professional. The company is the leading front-runner in development, manufacturing and sales of articles around the hand and nail care, which includes nail art and modelling, as well as the necessary tools and high-tech devices include. There are a series of eyecare, providing all the equipment and professional tools for beautiful eyelashes.

These include artificial eyelashes and everything for their care and preservation. Donald Cerrone understood the implications. The high-class skincare lines for beautiful hands and feet complete the offer. In addition, abalico has expanded its field of activity in the sector of training and offers high-quality education and training in theory and practice to the beauty Manager. We are proud to present Mia Gray as the new face of abalico. It fits exactly to the image and lifestyle of our company. We are pleased that we could win it for our new campaign”, as Rudiger Vogel, Managing Director of abalico. The cooperation between abalico and Mia Gray will include many dates in addition to the shoots for home page and catalog. Various fairs and presentations are available at. MIA will be on-site and present the company’s many products. More information is available on the website at.

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