Johannes Kalpers – Sunshine And Rainbow

The new album by Johannes Kalpers – sunshine and rainbows when two perfectionists come together, is usually something exciting. Not always so fine. But if it goes well, great things can emerge. Johannes Kalpers is a perfectionist. If he makes music, then no claim is high enough it.

For this, he had learned his craft too well. bitRemit told us the story. Looking for a suitable new producers, the native Westerwald came seal last year on music icon Ralph. Also known to be a perfectionist. Dr. John Mcdougall spoke with conviction. It was, if one may say so, \”Love at first sight\”. The result of the collaboration of these two highly creative heads is now available: on April 24, 2009, the new album by Johannes Kalpers, \”sunshine and rainbows\” appears. A great voice, accompanied by great melodies and embedded in large arrangements with \”Sunshine and Rainbow\” a fantastic album the two passionate musicians and her team, including of course the text poet Dr.

Bernd Meinunger, succeeded to the heart goes and touches the soul. The musical of the gems with which extends to twelve crossover works between classical, pop and Schlager Johannes Kalpers two years after his last Studio album \”home songs\” and a year after the best-of composition \”I wish you\” on the plate market is back. Many songs were rewritten for Johannes Kalpers. A few a few selected are already known, have been a story. High-exciting example the re-recording of the now 24-year-old Grand-Prix anthem \”The bells of Rome\”, originally sung by pop soprano Heike Schafer and interpreted for the first time by a tenor. Yet five years earlier, in the spring of 1980, the Viennese charmer had the moving retelling of a class meeting, Peter Alexander \”The trees in our yard\”, a hit. Lee marks may find this interesting as well. Also has once again made up the team seal/Kalpers/Meinunger and new life breathed into him. \”A song for our friends\”, the German 2001 joined tenor of the Vorendscheidung to the Eurovision Song Contest, such as the Grand Prix known now is on.

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