Jive – Slang Bluesmen

This article focuses on the blues "jargon". Often, listening to songs performed by black representatives of the planet, we do not grasp details, and even the main point, even possessing excellent English. To understand the blues English Blacks, you must understand that this language – not just English. Also note that the dictionary as such does not exist, this conventional concept. This is a jive, jive, or – like dialect, as part of a subculture.

Black English. It is clearly expressed in specific "black" optimistic tragedy of destiny, and rejection of values that are imposed on whites. To meet these expressions may not only blues, but also in all the songs performed black, and often white musicians. Often black slang associated with voodoo, drugs. It's – is often a consequence of the plight of the prose and life.

You rarely find plenty of jive in the blues. Blues – a genre natural, so bust Jive can be compared to someone who speaks foul language. Also note that black music, which falls and falls into the former Soviet Union, written more for the audience to the stage, so that you know Thus, some words and phrases that can be found in : Voodoo-secret religion that originated in Haiti and brought Negro slaves in the United States. Represents a mixture of Catholic rites and African polytheism, ie religion, where God is not one but many SnakeDoctor (Snake Doctor) – Vuduist. Witch Doctor. NationSack – a small bag of coins, which were attached a prostitute under the skirt to get customers ringing coins.

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