Impatient Information

To balance the development of superendowed in these the two polar regions has been a challenge for familiar educators and, since according to Fleith and Alencar (2007, P. 84) ‘ ‘ the exaggeration between emotional advanced intellectual development and the compatible one with the etria band of superdotado’ ‘ she has been pointed as one of the biggest difficulties of the parents in the relationship with its superendowed children. We do not have nor so little we can so only relate the superendowment with a list of problems and inadequaes. However, for each high listed ability exists a possible misalignment stops with the too much classmates, stops with the content or the relationship with the parents, resulted in its peculiar way to enxergar the reality which deals daily. These disagreements are passiveis of improvement from a specialized accompaniment and a work in set with the family. Soon below it follows a list of characteristics presented for superendowed and immediately afterwards a possible problem caused for this distinctive, according to Webb (1993) in Alencar; Virgolim (2001, P. 05): Characteristic: It acquires and it holds back information quickly.

Problem: Impatient ahead of the slowness of the colleagues; it does not like the routine and the repetition. Characteristic: Intellectual curiosity and inquisitiva attitude; intrinsic motivation; it searchs for meanings. Problem: It makes questions that bother the professor; it has vast gamma of interests the same, waiting of the others. Characteristic: Ample vocabulary and verbal proficiency; it has ample information in advanced areas. Problem: One becomes entediado with the school and colleagues; visa for the others as ‘ ‘ it knows tudo’ ‘. Characteristic: Raised critical thought; it has high expectations; he is auto-critical and it evaluates excessively. Problem: Intolerante or critic of excessively; it can become discouraged or gotten depressed; perfeccionista.

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