Young people are aware of this situation. Of done, 62% stated in a recent survey that the current economic crisis will have a very negative impact in your future professional and personal. 46.3% Of the generation between 15 and 24 years, declared his lack of confidence in a promising future and more than one in three, believes that: ‘for many efforts that make in life, never get what they want, added to what his lack of confidence in a promising future, regardless of the crisis. For the quasi-totality of 92%, leisure youth is quite or very important, a percentage similar to the significance that give to friends, studies and even training and professional competence, not to mention the indispensable vital project on which to build their lives, which is the emancipation. Others who may share this opinion include PCRM. With regard to the problems that threaten its future, are first and foremost unemployment, followed by other aspects such as: drugs, housing, citizen insecurity and, in general, the lack of a clear and definite horizon. Very dark clouds are the that you threaten our young people who can view agostado the fruit of your dreams before you see the flower of their efforts. But those who have led them to this discouraging situation? We do not gather this Ethereal and intangible concept so relieved when we don’t want to confront us with the real truth which we call society.

That would put us profile and look the other way. Political parties and all Governments made since the transition so far are responsible for that we have arrived at the current position in greater measure than others. Rather than solve the problems that overwhelm us and suffocate us with rare and Honorable exceptions politicians only have been concerned by the money and the situation of privilege that gives them power; believe themselves to be something without being so; they not only ignore the difficulties facing the population, but with its visionary and concerned ideologies, will gradually restricting our individual freedoms, we sink into untenable situations that strangle our future and us submerged for decades in the pit of backwardness and underdevelopment.

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