The isolated use of metformina promotes the ovulao in 78% 96% of patients (JUNQUEIRA; FONSECA; ALDRIGHI, 2003). Ahead of association of the resistance the insulina in women with SOP and obesidade … women more premade use to develop cancer of the endometrium, diabetes mellitus not insulino dependents … (TO SOUND; MARANHO, 2000). Morin-Papuen et al (2000) apud Soares and Maranho (2000) had concluded that the therapy with metformina well is tolerated and can be used in obesas with SOP, having improvement of menstrual standard. However exactly thus the use of citrate of clomifeno remains as the first option of drug for induction of the ovulao and sends regards that the use of the metformina, in these cases, must be restricted for those women with intolerncia to the glucose.

5.RESULTADOS had been evaluated 30 questionnaires answered for women in fertile age, who possuam or not it SOP. In relation to the research, it is verified that 47% are unaware of the syndrome of policsticos ovrios, or had never had no explanation on the same one, 60% of the women had told to possess the normal menstrual cycle, to put the majority of the answers, she was inexact and improper how much to the cycle time, and had affirmed that the majority of the women does not know the functioning of the proper organism. Also we can compare the result false-positive in relation with the normal menstrual cycle, therefore 50% of the questioned women make verbal contraceptive use that has for purpose the barrier for conception and regularization of the menstrual cycle. Also it is important to stand out that, the majority of the reply of the white, independent public of the related age, are inside of the normal standards related to the weight, in accordance with the IMC. Already how much to on symptoms to the hirsutismo factors, 53% and 54% respectively do not possess acne and nor excess of for the ones for the body, that is, they do not present symptoms associates to the hirsutismo and for consequence they do not possess the SOP pparently.

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