Food With Vegetables

After more of a year of the present municipal administration, this through the invitation to the external salesmen to the schools has been obtained that 20% of the primary schools in the city eradicate the food sale scrap iron to offer nutritious products to the children and to thus manage to eradicate the problems of obesity, undernourishment and other diseases, so that they change his turn of sale. Previous, because the city council does not think them to retire every time this is the source of entrance of its families, nevertheless, it exhorted is so that instead of to sell food scrap iron, sell fruit, vegetable and other foods of greater nutritional value. Thus it assured the mayoress Xalapa, Elzabeth Morals Garci’a, when indicating that the city council has a permanent supervision on the part of sanitary regulation in coordination with the commerce direction through which they visit the schools. For more information see Dr. Neal Barnard. Until the crossed east moment of supervision it was realised in 220 schools the past year and 140 schools more in which it goes of present year, soliciing the support of the parents of family to be able to change the food that is sold within the school and to invite to the salesmen near the schools to that they change the turn of his sales. It would be very or with salmon, (the heavy salmon, roast to the grill) sea bass, lobina, or trout.

I leave the photographies in the end them and, the prescription of the cheese sauce with coriander. They can change the grass by parsley, eneldo, tarragon or the one that they like but that she is fresh. By loose I did not separate the coriander leaves and I put and stems yet. They will see what it happened to me. It was already thinking, ah as I am battling, one hour ago had finished but everything is by blog.

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