Fernandez Cristina

Against this hard situation, there is a need to act forcefully to recompose the fundamentals macroeconomic and generate clear signals that generate confidence in the market. But the mistakes that the Government has systematically committed force it to go beyond a change in the direction of economic policy as to achieve credibility in their actions. Past and recent experience indicates that in Argentina need consensus among different interest groups. The so named social pact that was previously announced to the assumption of Fernandez Cristina de Kirchner as President, did not reach even to be a hint it would be. Achieve a social pact between the different sectors appears as a necessary element for the Argentine economy can overcome this adverse context without having to deal with new episodes of crisis. The Government must show willing to listen to all sectors but also engage them with the situation in which the economy.

Thus, among the positive results could be achieved with this social pact, the Government’s commitment (upon achieving credibility) It would bring to the predictability, it would help the stability of labor sources and it would limit the fall in private investment (through a commitment to employer), would at the time which also put a limit to the inflationary Dynamics (with a commitment that should be assumed by trade unions in wage matters). Although the immediate results that would be achieved with the agreement between the different sectors of the economy would help the Argentina to confront the crisis situation in a better way, the social pact should necessarily include a long-term vision of country, which is respected by the economic policy which should not be tempted with measures that provide a partial and immediate problems solution. Now, when speaking of a long term vision is to talk about, among other issues, the approach of the inflationary theme and the tax issue.

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