in this environment where the scale is unbalanced offering to two weights and two measures between man and woman for the masculine supremacy that could take a concubine, to enxergar a woman as object and plays it na life giving to it one ' ' letter of divrcio' ' , then, this rotten eye and that blind also the soul, must be ' ' arrancado' ' ' ' lanado' ' of the being, therefore they are who occult the favour and that she all leads the body to the ruin, being therefore, incapable to enxergar that the adultery one is not in the bed, but in an environment much more hidden that rooms that occult ' ' loves impossveis' '. In another message mine already I spoke that any one that to search law in the Writing, will harvest death, and here it is an example, therefore the law of the adultery one blinded the law of the life. This stretch of Ensino of the Mount that I comment is said for a people-target of education scribe-farisaico who cultuava the law and neglected the life. Then, in this context, Jesus does not launch one ' ' new lei' ' , but in the sample that this law operates in favor of the life and not, the opposite, therefore, fortunate is those, whose eyes, contemplate the humildade of spirit, because they had understood the essence of the kingdom of skies. To be salt of the land is to launch outside the insipidez of the dry law and to restore the flavor gostoso of the life. To be light is not to bring blackout pra nobody. The oath can be of the mouth pra is, but yes the sincere one of the heart, never will come of the malignant one. To resist the perverse one makes in them to walk miles and miles, losing the teeth and pulling out the eyes of the others.

That the love alone gains expression when even though the enemy surrenders it and this it is a pale consequence of the perfection of God. That the alms is given with the two hands so that a hand does not have cimes of the other. The conjunct is made in silence because God is not fool and he always knew our intention. Jejum either an interior, and not expression of the vanity that searchs compliments for itself exactly wanting to show that one is more saint of what the other. That one that serves the two gentlemen if confuses and later does not know plus who is who. That one that judges the others is being judged for the proper ignorance that does not perceive the bar of the right eye. That the wide door of the law in them leads the perdio because creates a system of proper sacrifices exactly and the cult itself, being that many are seduced by the width of this way, but that the door of the favour is the way for which we must walk, either even so narrow because demands the resignation of all human sacrifice that searchs justice proper and they invite all exclusively to rest in the power de a Cruz and the love of God. The man starts to dive exactly in itself when ' ' arranca' ' the eyes of the badness, therefore, enxergando nothing in its redor more are not obliged to perceive and are from there that it starts to die ' ' deus' ' inside of us so that the man is born only, therefore it is this that we are.

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