Daniel Goleman

If it is a brief chronology of different kinds of intelligence, must be mentioned to the first modern intelligence test proposed in 1905 by T. Binet and T. Simon. From this proposal has been discussed is human intelligence, where does and how it works and ways to develop it. The Classic IQ IQ is supposed that he reveals our degree of mathematical (or analytical and logical) as well as our linguistic aptitude. Originally, it was thought that the IQ was an excellent Predictor of our chances of success in the labour and professional performance. However, with the passage of time has confirmed that this is not entirely true, and that the topic of good personal endeavor is something rather more complex.

One of the first significant contributions to this topic was the work of Howard Gardner, who with his book Frames of Mind (Gardner, 1983) opened the discussion with the introduction of the concept of multiple intelligences. Thus, the author proposes seven types of intelligence in his book: a) linguistic b) logical-mathematical c) Musical d) Cinestisica-body e) space f) Interpersonal g) Intrapersonal something later, Gardner He combined the intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences in their study of emotional intelligence. Subsequently, the same author proposed what might be termed philosophical intelligence (Gardner, 1999) (5), which combines spiritual, moral, emotional, transcendent, cosmic and religious aspects. Daniel Goleman (Goleman, 1995) popularized the term emotional intelligence highlighting that persons with outstanding performances have improved personal and relational capabilities. In this sense, EI is composed of a number of skills, which can be grouped into 4 core areas. 1 Self-awareness 2. Automanejo 3.

Relational capabilities 4. Other kinds of consciousness. And in this line of development has been recently proposed a new kind of intelligence: the spiritual intelligence (Wigglesworth, 2004). From the definition of spirituality as the innate need in human beings to connect with something bigger than oneself, proposed a series of characteristic of this kind of intelligence capabilities, which fall into four main characteristics: i.

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