College Scholarships

Increasingly students seeking financial assistance to defray their higher education or to improve their careers due to the rising cost of tuition at the University, students compete fiercely for different types of scholarships each year. These grants help students with tuition, accommodation and expenses. There are many institutions and programs that give college scholarships and study AIDS. The best known are those destined to the financing of the academic training of students with economic difficulties, which are directed to young researchers and the extension of studies. College Scholarships are awarded to people with a certain profile, where criteria are set by the provider agency. The merits and the economic status of the applicant, are some important factors that are taken into account for the granting of scholarships, although the criteria vary according to the type of scholarship and the institution that grants it. There is a great diversity of college scholarships.

Below we provide you with a list of the main types of existing University scholarships: scholarships and grants to study. they may include deductions on tuition fees, total exemptions from the registration fee, or small bags of money to cover the costs of books and didactic material, transport, accommodation and maintenance, insurance, etc. full or partial scholarships. According to what they cover are divided into partial or total, and can only cover the costs of studies (in the case of scholarships) or also expenses of stay, lodging, medical insurance, passage and even language classes. Research Fellowship. They are awarded to students interested in performing projects or research on any topic educational, scientific, technical or artistic works. The most common way of classifying these scholarships is by the level of studies required to access them, and can be open or closed. Aid can be directed to cover different aspects: expenditure on accommodation, maintenance, travel, insurance, etc.

grants open. In this type of scholarships is the candidate who proposes the theme to develop, and must submit a detailed report on the research project. Closed scholarships. They are grants for specific research projects, developed by teams of research centres, universities, centres of technological development, etc. scholarships for postgraduates. They are scholarships that are university graduates who wish to specialize, after finishing the race, doing master’s degrees, courses, diplomas. They can be in the home country or abroad. Fellowships for Post doctoral studies. They are exclusive scholarships for doctors wishing to carry out stays in centres of research. It provides a period of improvement and expansion of the knowledge acquired during the pre-doctoral stage. Work scholarships. They allow perform professional practices or institutions. Are awarded to the latest courses and students graduates wishing to complete their training, acquire experience in exchange for economic, generally modest remuneration. There is a mode in which the student can obtain recognition of his working time with academic credits. Scholarships for language learning. They are awarded to students who want to learn a language outside their country of origin. Travel Scholarships/bags. They are aid to cover the costs of relocation and maintenance to places with some interest cultural, educational or research. They tend to be formative: attendance at congresses, conferences, symposia, etc. collaboration grants. Normally intended for university students from the last years of career. They should collaborate in specific tasks for economic remuneration. It is the figure of the fellow who becomes part of a service or University Department. Scholarships for student exchange. They are AIDS that are intended for students

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