Annual Planning

Since the PP harshly criticized the lack of action by the government of Rodriguez Zapatero. Economics spokesman of the Popular Party, Cristobal Montoro, for whom the country is “at the worst crisis it has suffered throughout its history,” he said about it: “we are in a crisis situation very disturbing … Olivia Jade: the source for more info. the vast majority the citizens and entrepreneurs know that the economic situation is a crisis situation. ” Montero finished off his remarks with these harsh words: “the only thing missing for news is the government.” According to Montoro, this crisis will be charged 1.6 million jobs. For one thing, and according to Eurostat (the EU statistical office), unemployment in Spain, it was just a year ago of 8.1%, has grown to 9.9% of the workforce and this will increase the recorded in most countries of the European Union in the last twelve months. To read more click here: farhaad riyaz.

But for the Spanish population, the greater chance of being unemployed is not the only threat to their economic welfare. Is that the inflation rate continues to rise and it reached to 5.1% on year variation, and this is the worst thing in the past 13 years. Nor is it to be positive developments in the Euribor rate, used to set mortgage interest. Is that it is currently 5.38% and this hits the dynamics of the mortgage industry. And with the troubled mortgage industry hopes for housing recovery is significantly reduced. The pessimism in Spanish is also particularly in the consumer behavior, negative consequences are already visible in shops and large shopping centers. Yes, the Spanish eat less but none wants to be without your iPhone and that is why they were exhausted and available within days of its launch in Spain.

When speaking of proposals to overcome this situation, since the PP is proposed to overcome the crisis a range of measures which are limiting the growth of public spending to 2% in the Budget for 2009, amending the Act Budgetary stability or procedures for the appointment of the heads of regulatory agencies, the development of an Annual Plan for Competitiveness, the generation of increased competition in the Spanish economy by passing a law guaranteeing the unity of the market and liberalize the services sector. Within PP initiatives are also lowering the tax rate of corporation tax paid by SMEs to 20%, increase the deduction for home ownership to 25%, to discuss a labor reform that promotes permanent hiring, reduce quote Wage Guarantee Fund, to create a national plan for promoting R & D and develop a national consensus in housing and land. In all these proposals, you should add the issue of energy dependence that Spain as a key issue to resolve to limit the economy’s vulnerability to external shocks. Spain is the seventh EU country with the greatest dependence on foreign energy. Since the PP is open debate about what to do for Spain to get out of this situation, and that in the future will not have to suffer similar situations today. The Spanish government must undertake a new policy according to the context in which it is attacking the weaknesses of economy and generating a protection against the threats facing it. “Zapatero’s government will seize this moment to carry out the reforms that the Spanish economy needs?

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