And Those People With Disabilities Should Enjoy The Tourism ?

Often we assume we are sure that even people who have disabilities, be they visual, auditory, physical, intellectual, among others, have many limitations to enjoy a tourism program and what is more, we think it will be very difficult to join them. A first recommendation that we allow ourselves to do as operators with experience in care and service a variety of customers is to dismantle the idea that disability is synonymous with disability. Contrary think of to approach them as human diversity without prejudice, only in this way will see that many of them are independent, autonomous, entertaining, intelligent and with an immense capacity for humor and enjoyment. In some cases it will take only kind available to offer friendship, sharing with some adjustments in other words some adjustments especially for access to certain locations such as ramps to avoid difficulties in moving from a wheelchair, a person with impaired vision will be sufficient. In other cases, signs, symbols, warning lights placed in strategic locations sufficient for people with hearing problems as well as for a majority of them wear their hearing aids will help them enormously.

We repeat that the greatest barrier is indifferent or have false representations that are capable or not. We know that outdoor activities shared, living with mother nature, thematic excursions, visiting museums, sports and adventure, visiting various urban and rural locations can all enjoy the disabled and thus we can integrate all, know more, have friends in other words included, which is what makes us most needed in a world increasingly becomes more exclusive. If we think and act in this way, and allows many who enjoy each according to his abilities and needs. Many probably remember that this huge mountain, the largest in the world: Everest, was crowned at the height of its peak, for blind people (After training respectively), while many who do not have vision problems, we are running away or postponing a walk, and many are afraid to climb a mountain. Another cause for comment, are the Special Olympics which involved children and youth with Down syndrome giving lessons of pride and effort. We again mention that we have experienced Ecoaventura Vida and learned from these people, which as we all have the same abilities, the same dreams, hopes, problems, and sightseeing are loaded kilos of adrenaline as many intensely enjoy every trip. The hope in the next adventure. From this side of Magic mist, Sonia Bravo embers.

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