You give me light the new album by Leo Rojas – albatross son of Ecuador, we live, you look at my life, you give me life, that’s why you’re the father Sun”(from the song son of Ecuador”). Albatross”is the sonorous name of the new album by Leo Rojas. The title song of the legendary British American band Fleetwood Mac with nature and the mood of the South American coastline, where the large sea birds at home are associated a cult. The album title is carefully selected, because it involves the combination of home feeling and modern pop sounds. Leo Rojas has teamed up with albatross”made about his native American nature and culture something of their own to create.

Musically, he breaks a long and courageous way – or better: A sounding highway through the vibrant Indian villages, endless corn fields and the impenetrable rain forests of his native Ecuador. The story of Leo Rojas still sounds like a modern fairy tale. Was of a nature-loving Indian street musicians in a very short time a nationwide known superstar. With his pan flute, he at first for years travelled through Germany’s shopping until 2011, an enthusiastic bystander to encouraged him to apply it at the RTL “Got talent”. With the his own style of playing the flute in one, the rain maker or other percussion instruments in the other hand, applied it and touched millions of viewers.

Since then, followed by numerous appearances on radio, television and concert halls. His first album “Spirit Of The Hawk” reached gold status in early 2012 in record time and the second album released in November 2012 “Flying Heart” could connect to the success of its predecessor. Meanwhile, Leo Rojas has sold over 150,000 albums what sensational sales are in the field of instrumental music. His success in Germany reached his home country of Ecuador.

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