Aculturao Way

The culture is an enormous and indispensable value, to guarantee the emotional balance, the good mood, well-being and the health of the people, the families and the human groups. the reading is the efficient program most easy and of desencadeamento of this process. One of the innumerable practical results of the reading is the multicriteria and cautious discernment on the importance, the necessity and hierarquizao of the goods and the basic values for the social man and its relations. Discovered the goods and values, as the wisdom and the culture, the reading one passes to perceive other wealth that before its existence does not notice in all. The act to read is an action of desbravamento. It is as if a person apanhasse a scythe and, in the way of a closed bush, she began to open a bite, that is, a first way. Soon it appears the flash and horizontes starts if to open and the light of the aiming if intensifies giving to security and hope the passer-by. A person, who develops, in itself exactly I inhabit, it to read e, consequently, it opens its intellect to understand more good what it comes to be the aculturao process, that is, to absorb and to adapt it the culture of its half one, is changedded, necessarily, in an active agent of promotion of the peace, of the development of the prosperity, and the happiness of the race human being.

With this practical, the human being, develops interior abilities, to interact diligently, in all the instances of development partner, cultural, economic and politically in its community. One confides for the natural understanding of what it comes to be the world, the man, the life, the truth, the wisdom, the culture, the politics and the love. This is to live. This is to be happy.

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