A Little About INCUCAI

The process of donation and transplantation of organs and tissues takes place in the health system in the framework of Law 24,193 The INCUCAI (Unique Central National Institute of Ablation and Implant Coordinator) is the agency of the Ministry of Health and Environment’s Office responsible to promote, coordinate and supervise the activities of procurement and transplantation. Operates throughout the country as a whole with 24 Provincial Agencies ablation and implantation, dependent on the health ministries of the provinces. The state and social security ensure accessibility to transplantation for any citizen who needs it. The process of donation, transplantation, is performed according to national standards and procedures and unique. Each of his steps is recorded and documented through the National Information System Transplant (SINTRA). Thanks to the donation of organs and tissues, the specific health system more than 40 transplants per week. The donation of organs and tissues is voluntary, altruistic, selfless and supportive. The donation and transplantation of organs and tissues is regulated in the whole territory of Argentina by the provisions of Law 24,193 Interesting facts … Any person over 18 years may, explicitly, expressing their will yes or no to the donation of organs or tissues from their own bodies (Article 19) Where no express statement, the law presumes that the person is a donor (Art. 19a). In such cases, the family was requested to confirm their testimony through the last will of the deceased (Art.21 and 22) Before the death of children under 18 years will be only their parents or legal representatives who authorize the donation of organs and tissues (Art. 19b). Any citizen over 18 may express their will through (Art.20): Civil registry offices The Documentation section of the Federal Police The INCUCAI and / or provincial agencies Ablation and Implant A telegram mailed free Argentino (only to express opposition) INCUCAI in the Province of Rio Black 02920 427748 More information … 0800 555 4628 www.incucai.gov.ar

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