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Growing a Business

Currently, there are many network designers accompanying project to the creation, transmission and business takeovers. Many of them specialize in helping young, unemployed, disabled or women, but few allow people from all backgrounds to come together on the canvas. Website Community is a portal of creative networks. It includes two categories of people: the creators, called "project leaders" and partners. Facilitating the introduction, it allows members to invest in new projects. Only one common goal: to inform their profile and explain his project to bring new concepts.

Whether the order of creation, the resume, transmission or input (material, financial advice), you can now take control of ideas and realize them by interacting with members of network. Via a mailbox available automatically on the site, you can expect a member you contact or take action to be directly related to the profiles that meet your criteria. For only 1.49 per month including VAT, you get a simple and easy to access allowing you to meet people interested in developing new projects. Thus, you can bring all your expertise and / or contribute through material, financial … With many services (e-mail alerts, geo …) facilitates your be related. Any registration will give you free access to profiles and listings of members present. Our network which is in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Much more than a sharing portal, offers two areas of information: the forum and articles from experts. While allowing members to share their personal and professional experiences, these services are tools that benefit the development of projects.