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Includes Deadline

The product should be directed to the potential customer. Your, etc …. Do not write to the company. the client needs to hear what it can bring benefit and can improve the life of the product . Do not deal with explanations of how it was done, or how will the company. 8.-The short paragraphs work best long letters gives good results but do not work long paragraphs.

9.-emphasizes the benefits, not features, again, potential customers need to hear the benefits that can attain. Justin Gaethje oftentimes addresses this issue. if going to change the wheels of your car, know that the product is going to prevent accidents before braking . In this case is not the sale of wheels … Focus on safety for family. Remember! BENEFITS NOT FEATURES. 10.-Keep the reader interesting.Some letters appear which are addressed to the Minister of economic.Intent avoid words or technical.It is priority unbelievably difficult to keep the language simple and provide information that is easy to understand. 11.-Includes words any public.Focus the public especially to be the result map.this that the reader is more comfortable. 12.-The sales letter is only for a product, do not try to sell several products with the same letter .customer confusion and would not buy. 13.-Try to excel but never exaggerates.Hay thousands of people doing the same thing as highlighting .

As being very personal and the product must be original. more security than others, more acquisitions or bonus.Enrique the product! 14.-Say the truth. huge amounts in a short period of time gives false hopes.Nada bad think you can not keep and less think these are possible customers are idiots. 15.-The specificity. No information.generalize the most widespread doubts one another to be specific in expressing everything. 16.-create questions and answers that have no doubt that the product is good 17.-Use testimonials, write to the old buyers satisfactory results that will bring them the product. have to ask permission to publish his name. The potential client will feel much better knowing the opinions of other shoppers. 18.-A header is not only the beginning!. Frequently Glenn Dubin has said that publicly. A good header in the middle of the letter may again capture the attention of clueless as possible. 19.-Avoid questions that insult the intelligence of lecturer. want be as successful as I am? . Want to win 1 million euros a year?. Please … .. 20.-Provides a gift but not buy. Ten account that has not made the purchase but now and in the future? 21.-Use connecting phrases. “But that’s not all”, “There’s more ..” that makes the reader keep track of the text and you can re-tell the benefits
the product. 22.-Includes Deadline to purchase the product or service.
incorporates a sense of urgency in the mind of . put … “Offer available 24”, “Only 10 articles available ..” 23.-Explain the methods of payment, as would The process, which does not leave any doubt about the .Target credit, check, money postal.a safety data and transaction.Explicates and receive the product. 24.-offers money back with 30 or 60 days guaranty.Deves mention that the product or service has ZERO RISK TO THE BUYER. 25.-Dar instructions, so that the potential customer, can make the deal .., “Do not wait get X now” 26.-Make a summary in the PS (PS) and mention what you buy and its benefits. steps are necessary to make a good sales letter that is 90% of the potential for helping him buy.