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Understanding Human Nature

Carnegie grandfather in the 50's of last century, pointed to most raspostronennoe delusion of all mankind, he gave an example of a maniac killer who the court did not feel than the guilty. Let's look at why this is occurs. There are so-called "protective reaction", they include a lot of psychological reaction to attack the "ego" for example, "intellectualization" We also are interested in this issue "projection." The projection means that the person distorts reality and the quality of their projects the world around them or person. He says the world is cruel, and thus justifies his cruelty, as well as its other disadvantages. Next is "rationalization," he says the bad man the last scum and why should I be in something wrong. And this even though he could have done with this bad man the worst way. In conclusion, say the following with protective reactions of the ego, the man always finds a self-defense and justification. But there is one way to break this Bastille, Dale Carnegie discovered it in my opinion quite by accident.

Let's say you're with someone fell out and every one of you in something was not right (You are of course mutually consider yourself angels). Without hesitation Dr. John Mcdougall explained all about the problem. But if you take the phone and type in her abuser and completely take all the veins on ourselves here and then the person will feel uncomfortable. That is defending itself in response to it he will apologize and say that he is not around he was right. If this does not happen, I would not recommend further konfrantirovat with this man, he finds reasons in 1000, he was right, as it generally happens. Sincerely yours, Krapivner Eugene.

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Modern Psychologist

Contemporary psychoanalyst relies on extensive experience gained over a hundred years of psychoanalysis. And, although we each have our preferences, there are one or another theoretical concepts Nevertheless, there are basic tenets that underpin psychoanalytic practice. This – the unconscious, repetition, transference and desire. Saying a person, it is the main instrument of psychoanalytic interaction. Gradual process of deploying and in mental representations of speech and the need to move at a speed acceptable client requires a sufficiently long period psychoanalytic meetings. While the global trend to reduce the length of the psychoanalytic process, conducting short-term analysis is used by Russian specialists. Allowing to keep the main problem in focus of such work is at the junction with the other psychological and psychotherapeutic methods.

In the focus of therapy, of course, omitted many important psychological content. Throughout the period existence of psychoanalysis same requirements for all specialists are: theoretical and clinical training, awareness seasoned professional level, adherence to ethical standards. At present, Day in Russia as elsewhere in the world, there are standards for the training of psychoanalysts. A prerequisite is the practice of controlled analysis. It was introduced around 1920 and gradually evolved into chief technical analyst and the time of sine qua non of his willingness to own practice.

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Hypnosis Treatment For Panic Attacks

Modern psychotherapy allows you to quickly and reliably get rid of panic attacks and panic attacks. Panic attacks and panic syndrome – a subconscious reaction, which manifests itself bouts of fear, in the presence of internal conflict of man. Panic attack is characterized by the following symptoms: sudden slabostuchaschennoe serdtsebieniepovyshenie ADchuvstvo lack vozduhapotlivost oznoboschuschenie or something who draws the most power characteristic – a feeling of terrible fear of impending disaster or catastrophe, sometimes foreboding of death. Often people who survived the attack panic attack can not describe the whole 'gamut' experiences and perceptions attack. If a person experienced one or two times a panic attack, then in his subconscious begins to develop panic syndrome – waiting for the Next Attack Panaca, because panic attack is tricky because it can happen anywhere and anytime. Permanent waiting for the next panic attack severely restricts the freedom of man in his actions, lifestyle changes and, in fact, denies the existence of high-grade.

Often, panic attacks combined with phobias. For example, if there was a panic attack in the subway, then a person may develop a fear of travel in public transport, if the attack prozishel on the street – and so agarafobiya The clinical treatment of panic syndrome, panic attacks and targeted as Typically, the medication: sedatives, antidepressants, as well as physical therapy – soothing bath, electric massage. Compliance with the daily routine, sleep and rest, the rejection of bad habits. Such treatment panic attacks and panic syndrome, of course, brings relief, but it takes a long time for drugs, usually long courses. At the completion of the course of drug therapy, usually attacks Panic returns again. The fact that the panic syndrome and panic attacks – this is the reaction of the unconscious man on the presence of internal conflict (reasons), yet will not be allowed to shower cause panic attacks are regularly 'visit' rights. However, as experience shows, the longer a person suffers from panic attacks, the stronger the impulsive and long they occur, and hence – more difficult. There are cases when attacks are so strong that without the provision of rapid ambulance man could not take off the attack.

Modern psychotherapy has modern and proven techniques that allow you to get rid of panic attacks and panic syndrome. A growing number of psychotherapists have resorted to hypnotherapy – the simultaneous use of psychotherapy and hypnosis. Hypnotherapy allows you to find, analyze and eliminate the cause, formed a similar reaction subconscious – panic attacks. Hypnologist session on Medical Hypnosis helps the patient in this. Very often, strong feelings, emotional upheaval or disorder vnutrelichnostnaya rights generates this disorder. Profitable side of hypnotherapy in the treatment of panic attacks is rapid impact of therapy. The client does not need months to go to the office of the psychoanalyst, to try to find the cause of panic overcome panic attacks and symptoms. The main appeal to an experienced doctor, therapist, hypnologist in Moscow.

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Heavy Chronic Diseases

Heavy chronic diseases are in a year, sometimes two years, but minor – during the month. At first, when I fill the body with energy, the person feels better. He feels that the illness has passed, but still need to sessions continue until the purges began. – How many sessions are needed to pass? – I recommend take a minimum of 9 sessions. But in severe cases need to go is up to 80 sessions during the year. This, of course, if a person was close to death, but still managed to go to a healer.

After all, sometimes it's too late, for example, fourth-stage cancer and help sessions just die without pain and great suffering, which happen in cancer patients. When the energy fills the body man, it is, above all, starts to annihilate the action of poisons, and if the patient smokes or drinks, the energy instead of struggling with the treatment of nicotine and alcohol. On this during the treatment to quit smoking and drinking. – Prevents a reception Drug treatment? – Medication can be combined with this method. Even operations are more successful after sessions of healing.

Although I do not recommend surgery without urgent need. On the table were frukty. I looked at the way everyone around me. I'd become a saint if he had such a good heart. But now the feeling has dissipated. – You felt today in advance – which state I will bring you into the future – said Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA. – Just as I heal the body, I heal your soul. I shoot with her sins, negative energy and negative stress emotions created by false thoughts, and fills the soul with divine energy, which makes a man perfect. During my interaction we observed between the eyebrows as Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA were bumps in the skin as a flower petal, three large and several small petals. It happens always when it involves his third eye and holds his job by removing the aura of dark spots and students saturating light small, atrophied part of the soul, which in its infancy is the love, grace, compassion and other qualities of mind developed. With sincere love to you and wish to reside in a state of happiness!

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What It Is The Cancer

Cancer is the name given to a set of more than one hundred illnesses that have emcomum the disordered growth of cells that invade fabrics ergos, being able to spread themselves (metstase) for other regions of the body. Osdiferentes types of cancer body corresponds to some types of cells donosso. For example, diverse types of skin cancer exist, because the skin is formed of more than a type of cell. According to Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has experience with these questions. If the temincio cancer in epithelial fabrics, as the skin or mucosa, it is denominadoCARCINOMA.Se starts in conjunctive fabrics as bone, muscle or mesmocartilagem, are called SARCOMA. Learn more about this topic with the insights from James A. Levine, M.D.. Specialists if had inhaled in the constellation of Cancer that subject forms of a crab, and to palavracncer, whose karkinos term happens of the Greek and the Latin cancer, significandocaranguejo symbolically for the similarity it enters the entumescidas veins of umtumor and the legs of the animal, as well as for its aggressiveness, imprevisibilidade and capacity of capture.

Cancer is onome given to a set of more than 100 illnesses that have in common crescimentodesordenado (malignant) declulas that they invade fabrics and agencies, being able to spread (metstase, metstasis word that esignifica displacement comes of the Greek, place change) for other regions docorpo. Dividing itself quickly, these cells very tend to be aggressive eincontrolveis, determining the malignant formation of tumors (accumulation of clulascancerosas) or neoplasias. On the other hand, a tumor benignosignifica simply a located mass of cells that if multiplicamvagarosamente and if are similar to its fabric original, constituting rare umrisco of life. Osdiferentes types of cancer corresponds to some types of cells of the body. For example, diverse types of skin cancer exist because the skin is formadade more than a type of cell. If the cancer has beginning in epithelial fabrics comopele or mucosae it is called carcinoma (CEC, CBC and carcinomade transicionais cells).

If conjuntivoscomo starts in fabrics bone, muscle or cartilage is called sarcoma. Others characteristics that differentiate the diverse types of cancer between itself soa multiplication speed of the cells and the capacity to invade weaveeed neighboring or distant ergos (metstases). Source: INCA Suely hospital 06/8495Psicloga OliveirPsicloga CRP/Psico oncologistPs grad. For the a.C.Camarg Cancer

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Impatient Information

To balance the development of superendowed in these the two polar regions has been a challenge for familiar educators and, since according to Fleith and Alencar (2007, P. 84) ‘ ‘ the exaggeration between emotional advanced intellectual development and the compatible one with the etria band of superdotado’ ‘ she has been pointed as one of the biggest difficulties of the parents in the relationship with its superendowed children. We do not have nor so little we can so only relate the superendowment with a list of problems and inadequaes. However, for each high listed ability exists a possible misalignment stops with the too much classmates, stops with the content or the relationship with the parents, resulted in its peculiar way to enxergar the reality which deals daily. These disagreements are passiveis of improvement from a specialized accompaniment and a work in set with the family. Soon below it follows a list of characteristics presented for superendowed and immediately afterwards a possible problem caused for this distinctive, according to Webb (1993) in Alencar; Virgolim (2001, P. 05): Characteristic: It acquires and it holds back information quickly.

Problem: Impatient ahead of the slowness of the colleagues; it does not like the routine and the repetition. Characteristic: Intellectual curiosity and inquisitiva attitude; intrinsic motivation; it searchs for meanings. Problem: It makes questions that bother the professor; it has vast gamma of interests the same, waiting of the others. Characteristic: Ample vocabulary and verbal proficiency; it has ample information in advanced areas. Problem: One becomes entediado with the school and colleagues; visa for the others as ‘ ‘ it knows tudo’ ‘. Characteristic: Raised critical thought; it has high expectations; he is auto-critical and it evaluates excessively. Problem: Intolerante or critic of excessively; it can become discouraged or gotten depressed; perfeccionista.

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I fight it chronic mentions drawn out and intense emotional the answers. I fight it postponed is perceived when the reactions appear of delayed form, provoked for events that not they would have force for such emotional answers. I fight it inhibited is perceived when the waited answers of the process of I fight do not appear (MACEDO, 2008). See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Peter M. Wayne offers on the topic.. For Freud (1917/1969), I fight in it occurs that the loved object does not exist more, making with that the libido is removed of the linkings with this object, thus occurring an intense opposition that can of the place to an attachment to the object and the shunting line of the reality. Some contend that James A. Levine, M.D. shows great expertise in this. In accordance with Tinoco (2003), pain only does not have the loss of the familiar beloved, but it happens because we leave of being loved when this if goes. For Osrio and Valle (2009), the process of I fight it can be classified of some forms, however, is important to stand out that it does not mean that it is exempt of problems and difficulties in some of them, therefore all the families pass for a turbulence when a loss occurs and lives a crisis due the necessity of if adapting to a new reality. The threat of the loss can generate anxiety and the actual loss can generate sadness and both the things can generate anger (BOWLBY, 1990). For Pincus (1989), the loss of one familiar for death it is an important change in the life of the individual, however the expression of this loss I fight through it and of the regret socially this is discouraged, because the loss of active a dear person in the other people fears and distresses of the abandonment, the terror to have lost the love. In accordance with Pincus (1989), who loses a necessary dear person to learn to inside keep of itself the person that if was during the process of fights, this until this if feels enough separate to accept the reality of the loss.

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This aging is inevitable when it is said of physiological aspects, being able to still occur the weakness of the body, with alterations in the imunolgico system, causing the pathological aging. In this phase of the life the concern with the health and the maintenance of the same one is important. According to Papalia (1): Changes in the sistmico and organic functioning are highly changeable between the individuals. Some organisms decline quickly, others almost nothing. To age, together estresse with it chronic, can weaken the imunolgica function, making the people most aged to be more susceptible the respiratory infections and with little probability of if recouping of them. According to Lorda (5), ' ' deteriorizao of the device to broncopulmonar is gradual the irreversible one in ancios' '. According to Lorda (5), ' ' all the respiratory system suffers the aging: the mucosae of the nose, faringe, the larynx; what it is demonstrated by the drop in the nose, rouquido of the throat, broken voice and a constant necessity of expectorar' '.

This fragile state of the respiratory system is more aggravation when the aged one is tabagista. The tobaccoism is an important factor of risk for some illnesses, cancer of larynx, cancer of the verbal socket and other types of cancer, chronic bronchitis, spill, ulcer, precocious menopause, osteoporose, cataract, precocious aging and many others. The tobacco as Rosemberg (6) are undisputedly responsible for the increase of the prevalence of cancer of the lung, of the chronic bronchitis, enfisema pulmonary, and coronariopatias, as well as other illnesses being distinguished, vasculopatias, ulcers of the stomach and the duodeno and cancer of the language, faringe, esophagus of the bladder. To stop to smoke prevents a series of illnesses and diminishes mortality in the aged population. A concern with the aged tabagistas exists, therefore the numbers of young smokers are alarming. The health of the aged ones is the result of the abuses of the young.

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Psychoanalysis Psychology

The birth of psychology as it disciplines autonomous worker alone vaiocorre, truily, from 1879 in Leipzig, with the creation for First Wundtdo dedicated laboratory to the psychic studies. At the beginning of century XX, with the appearance of the psychological schools. Estruturalismo, Bureaucracy, Behaviolismo, Gestalt psychology and Psychoanalysis occur a disruption with the dualismoimplicado one in Psychology, then defined as the science of the psiquismo or dosfatos of the conscience. Psychology does not study only the human behavior. It still studies with behavior of the animal, mainly of rats echimpanzs, this study offers to interesting subsidies in the understanding dasbases of the human behavior.

Psychology as science that does not have condiesde to always use the traditional methods of the calls accurate sciences. Apsicologia is the study of the behavior. as main man and its well-being is nossosinteresses, and of the behavior that we treat here. With the study, psychology must look for to reach trsobjetivos it discretion, the prediction and the control of the behavior. It must, therefore to be capable to describe the necessary deformed behavior and explains it adequately, before if to be able to think empredizes it or changes it, with reasonable edge of success. PSYCHOLOGY AND ITS FIELD OF ACTIVITY psychology encloses some fields of performance. As clinical, esportiva Psychology, instructive, schools, hospital and deexcepcional psychology. The used field in the research was the clinic.

Apsicologia nowadays. Psychology is a science empirical, and sophisticated, quecresce quickly, and wants can be applied, at least tentatiively and quepode to be applied to help very in the solution of of the practical problems dasociedade. It is not a Body of truths you established, sabedoriaclinica, or philosophical speculations, however joint complex, vigorous epotente of methods sofisticadospara the discovery of basic relations quepodem to be of great meaning for each man, and a set scientific degeneralizaes useful-each generalization to put exhibits a etiquetaprobalitistica, nothing is absolute. Psychology is a boarding a way to arrive aosproblemas and to think regarding them. Psychology this making tremendous progressos: who querque is involved in this field can be proud of the power of the humildade, daamplitude and of the success of the psychology of today. CONCLUSION I conclude that most important it is the professional devotion, atica it is to hug the profession is to make with the love and to like what making. Therefore and the life of the human being that arrow in game. Therefore an imperfection can cause serious problems. They profissotem it that to have concientious in its acts, and to aim at the good and lucrative not eexagerada it. Everything that if makes for love has its you reward.

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It does not have, initially, intention to draw out the attendance as in the psycotherapy. For the people taken care of for the clinic-school, the psychological planto is plus a form of specialized support on which they can count at its moments of anguish and suffering. For the pupil, it is plus a chance of personal and professional growth. This direction, it is given credit that the psychological planto is one of the forms in the clinic-school to place the pupil in contact with more diversity of clinical demands, to stimulate its capacity of presentation of creative answers for the problems and to promote the development of its clinical listening. The present research does not have the pretension to deplete thematic the proposal, in view of its amplitude and relevance. However, one expects that this monographic study it can supply to theoretical and practical subsidies one future implantation of the psychological planto in the clinic-school of psychology of the PUC Mines in Arcs. 1,1 Justification To long of the graduation in Psychology, it was perceived necessity of creation of a space that readily received pupils, employees and members of the community, in its diverse situations of crisis and suffering.

With the implantation of the psychological planto in the clinic-school, the demand of these people, for an immediate and prompt support, could be satisfied in such way that its state of suffering was brightened up, the least, temporarily. It is observed, still, that the society contemporary is marked by the desperation, the violence and the unreliability. As Hilleshein, Hilleshein and Ferreira observe (2008), the values are moving daily, and the social conviviality has become conturbado and suffocating for many people. In this context, the proposal of attendance in psychological planto would adaptaria the clinic-school to this new reality, where the patients need immediate attendance so that they understand, in clearer way, its problems and deal better with them.