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Covenant Energy

You have to exit in defence, that without any doubt it is beneficial for the whole of the energy sector in this country and nobody objectively question its necessity, I am referring to the so-called: Energy Pact. If necessary, there is no because doubt that I possess a political class able to achieve it, especially when its objectives and strategies are framed and have to match those adopted within the framework of the European Union, let us remember: energy policy and integrated environmental medium. Currently, that know the possible political pact, is framed in two scenarios: one corresponds to the Subcommittee of the Congress and the other to the document prepared by the Government, the first, is not public, the second if it can be seen in:. We may consider a third scenario which is defended by one of the major parties that is the absence of a concrete proposal that will allow progress in the achievement of a Pact. On the other hand, in the media, there is a position rupture of the Pact, inability to reach any point of agreement in this matter. The logic of the above is that there is no doubt of the need for the Pact, in fact are under negotiation, another question is how it can materialize and that consequences of political order, has for some and for others, but that is another question, the Pact is necessary but representatives of citizens have not demonstrated their ability to take it I justwhich is totally different. Innovation, so necessary in so many issues, this could consist of: subcontracting, of the Covenant on energy, a consultant of prestige, can that all beneficiaries saliesemos and must only decide who.