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Modern Psychologist

Contemporary psychoanalyst relies on extensive experience gained over a hundred years of psychoanalysis. And, although we each have our preferences, there are one or another theoretical concepts Nevertheless, there are basic tenets that underpin psychoanalytic practice. This – the unconscious, repetition, transference and desire. Saying a person, it is the main instrument of psychoanalytic interaction. Gradual process of deploying and in mental representations of speech and the need to move at a speed acceptable client requires a sufficiently long period psychoanalytic meetings. While the global trend to reduce the length of the psychoanalytic process, conducting short-term analysis is used by Russian specialists. Allowing to keep the main problem in focus of such work is at the junction with the other psychological and psychotherapeutic methods.

In the focus of therapy, of course, omitted many important psychological content. Throughout the period existence of psychoanalysis same requirements for all specialists are: theoretical and clinical training, awareness seasoned professional level, adherence to ethical standards. At present, Day in Russia as elsewhere in the world, there are standards for the training of psychoanalysts. A prerequisite is the practice of controlled analysis. It was introduced around 1920 and gradually evolved into chief technical analyst and the time of sine qua non of his willingness to own practice.