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Perception of Nurses

There are hospital sectors that provide to treatment the patients with more complex picture. The nurse is the professional of the area of the health that passes greater time monitoring the patient in the UTIs. The present work had as objective to identify the perception of the nurses of UTIs of three hospitals of the city of Golden, with superior professional time to one year, front to the seriously ill patient. The applied methodology had qualitative approach of the descriptive type. It was used technique of the desestruturada interview and from the transcription of the data for it analyzes used the Speech of Sujeito Coletivo (DSC).

It analyzes of the data demonstrated it that the perception of the nurse is of a fragilizado patient, defenseless, that it needs well-taken care of greaters, well-taken care of this of form humanizada. Word-keys: Therapy, Paciente and Cuidado.ABSTRACTIntensive care units ploughs hospital sectors that provide treatment you patients with lives complex situation. Professional The nurse is the of the area that spend lives teams monitoring the patient in the ICU. This study aimed you identify the perceptions of nurses in ICUs of three hospitals in the City of Golden, with professional teams lives than one to year, compared you the seriously ill patient. The methodology had descriptive qualitative approach. We used the technique of the unstructured interview and from the transcript dates will be of analysis used the Collective Subject Discourse (CSD). The analysis of dates showed that needs lives care, this care in humane way. Keymords: Therapy, Patient and Care IntroduoAs Units of Intensive Therapy has as purpose to give attendance to the patients in serious state, who need complex and specialized cares, given for a multiprofessional team, in which if it finds a professional nurse inserted.