Oak Emotions

… Was the only way that the patient found to say that it is not, absolutely, obtaining to deal, with certain balance, the difficult situations of its life. (electronic archive) LeShan (apud Oak, 1994), when says in them of its studies concerning the oncolgicos patients, affirms that: Frequent these patients had had its youth marked for feelings of isolation, desperation and recklessness, with interpersonal relations with difficult characteristics and that generally in the adult life they had obtained to establish a significant relationship with somebody or had found great satisfaction in the work, of form that a person or a work had started to be the center of its lives. Whenever the relationship was breached or lost work for any reason, had as consequence a desperation reaction, as if? wound? of infancy she had been reopened. (OAK, — p 65) More ahead Oak adds: ' ' many patients of cancer have difficulties to express its emotions, over all those aggressive and hostile ones. … its internal world does not have access, they do not identify feelings and emotions and also do not obtain nome-los.' ' (p 70.71). This affirmation sends in them to the thought of Pierre Marty (apud Volich, 1997) to speech on the alexitimia, where the individual does not obtain to nominate its affective states or not even to describe its emotions. The alexitimia is one of the factors that collaborate for the development of the cancer, therefore ' ' not being able to use the words as I propagate of its thought, they only obtained psychosomatically to react to an emotion dolorosa.' ' (MCDOUGALL, 1996, p 10), that is, this not to obtain to state its emotions through the said language, finishes allowing that the body enters in ' ' palco of vida' ' (MCDOUGALL, 1996) and it acts as main personage, where its paper is to adoecer and to express itself through ' ' language of rgos' '! (MELO SON, 1994, pg.37) on In these conditions, the individual develops a propensity to the cancer when it deprives of right libido in itself and it passes the super ones to invest its psychic energies only in a external object, forgetting itself, leaving of side its narcsicas pulses, engolindo and omitting everything that it hurt in order not to lose this object of desire.

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