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Student Castle Mainz – The New Student Residence In Mainz-Gonsenheim

Wise heads on a stain – the student Castle in Mainz well located, cheap and nice atmosphere – these are the conditions for a beautiful student dorm. The price is not everything! Because the student with learning and practicing for exams and projects spends most of the time of the students being in his room. In a beautiful setting, you will feel comfortable and so it learns is better – that is proven. gives a little insight into a student residence, which has to offer all of these features. The Mainz student Castle offers everything that the student’s heart desires.

300 furnished rooms on four floors, it can be wonderful living. For the small purse of students you lack nothing. The good mountain University of Mainz is only 10 minutes by bus or car to reach. A stop is in the immediate vicinity and a few minutes walk to reach. Home to many students of the University of Mainz offers many great extras. It is surrounded by parks and sports facilities. A swimming pool is located only a few hundred Metres from the complex.

Also the in-house Park invites you to linger: A perfect place to learn, relax and socialise with friends. Student Castle, much emphasis is placed on social cooperation. So are the students party cellar, community kitchens, or hobby rooms available. Of course, all rooms with W-LAN are equipped. For very little money, you can get much at the Mainz student Castle. Thus, the dorm is quickly fully booked. Who wants to have good luck, should hurry up or can be put on the waiting list. You get so much rarely for his money. On you can consider more information and pictures. Student Castle Mainz Neckar str. 52 65795 Hattersheim Tel.: + 49 6145-599 599-13 E-mail:

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Why Should You Pay Money To A Savings Account?

Even if you’re filthy rich a savings account would not the place where you keep your assets… Imagine, a savings account interest rates were so high that you could live alone good. Why should you not simply depositing then your money on a such a savings account? Or in bonds investing (bonds), with which you get more accurately this small Prozentchen. You’ll be have prompted himself probably ever. For example, if you read that a well-known millionaire has lost his money because he invested it in things, of which he has actually no idea. If I were rich, I would have beautiful deposited my money on a savings account or in government bonds “, I hear say most people in such a situation. Beautiful drive interest and otherwise frittering away confidence overdose a dime then I ask you directly yet something else: How can it be that the richest people in the world have all built their fortunes in the last decades? Why were so many families before hundred years filthy rich and not anymore? Are now many again in the category of average Joe”? The answer lies partly based in the above things.

Rich people have too much self confidence and engage in silly adventures. Or but spoiled heirs spend the family legacy in a very short time. You will find the other part of the explanation in events that made people crisis, hyperinflation, wars. Economic crises, phases of hyper-inflation and wars. Responsible, conservative people put their money on secure”savings accounts and bonds until proved that this was not at all certain and inflation (talk: currency devaluation) had made sure, that their money was nothing more worth. A huge mistake the 1970s were the last phase in the inflation was so strong, that the real value of money in a savings account dropped steadily for years. No catastrophic circumstances, but it was still poorer. The last three decades have been quiet.

That’s why savings accounts are appreciated by many citizens as safe. People have a habit of automatically projecting their own experiences from the past to the future. In other words they expect a similar development of the coming decades. A huge mistake which can cause much suffering financial and so personal. We are at a crucial stage in our opinion we are now in a crucial phase. “We fear that the next ten years for all people, the safe money” have created on a bank deposit or in government bonds are disastrous. Wherefore have we a single and unique rapport with the title reads prepared and have a plan “written. Have you not requested nor this report? Do it now still. Please read it carefully, accept our opinion without thinking and form your own opinion. You should read it but quite sure again! With friendly regards, Rene SIP

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KOVA Money

BPW record participation in the 15th anniversary Berlin/Potsdam, July 01, 2010 – business plan competition Berlin-Brandenburg supports so many founders like never before the 15th round of the BPW in the atrium of the InvestitionsBank Berlin (IBB) ended with a ceremony awarding of the most innovative business concepts on Thursday evening. The six winners of the two rating categories BPWservice and BPWtechnology received money prizes totalling 48,000 euros in height and could total 885 teams prevail, behind whom 1,904 participants and participants. Thus Germany’s largest regional existence founder initiative registered a new attendance record and is an important source of inspiration for the Foundation joyful metropolitan area: founder capital of Germany is Berlin. Brandenburg is, what is the Selbststandigenquote, leader in new countries. Overall, 6.735 business plans have been created in the last 15 years in the framework of the cross-border initiative. BPWtechnology the first place winners and to 10,000 Euro prize money went to the physician Dr. Peter Gottel and Dr.

Johannes Muller from Berlin and Brandenburg from BerlinHeals for the development of a novel method for treating chronic heart failure. The engineers Dr. Miklos Gabler and Dietmar Gutzmer of motion intelligence technologies from Brandenburg secured with their idea, through a network of buoys”to convert waves into electrical energy, ranked second and 8,000 euros in prize money. The Berlin founder Julia Suvorova, Frank Baldensperger and Nanette Gottschalk by KOVA medtech received third place and 6,000 Euro prize money for an innovative coating system that aims to extend the lifespan of joint prostheses. Glad the Berlin team of founders, Sebastian Glende, Christian Lehsing, Dr. Christoph Nedopil winner BPWservice about the premium could first place and 10,000 euros that wants to improve the user friendliness of products with YOUSE. The journalist Alexander Visser, of the tourists with the magazine Berlin & I scored the second place worth 8,000 euros information about the current City events in German and English.

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For students, there are unausschlagbare offers at the change of giro account. Here, an exact look but is compulsory. Students are poor Devils, knows each child and still you attempting to remove some money at any point. However, students can save especially for the account and the account management, because for you, there are a lot of good offers and conditions. Lately, since the tuition fees were raised, banks offer special rates for students at a change of giro account and curl with fabled offers. His visitors, including of course those students the portal change checking account offers a free price comparison between the banks.

“Private should allow to make an individual offer students but also at your local bank, how are the conditions as a student and what benefits you can still” can enjoy. We know from experience that the most brokerages limit only on the issue of the basic fee and the services of still a youth account correspond to, but no longer the current Corresponds to the market. You can see the aggressive loss leaders of various direct banks with extra high interest rates, free investment account and even credit cards in the television, in the newspaper and on the Internet. This free worldwide that you can pay with cash, many only realized if he is then abroad and really needs it. I recommend comparing current account switching even if the selection is great and you are a satisfied customer at the first glance at his local bank, to create, to wonder what it needs and wants and then eventually switching to a permanently better offer an overview of the different offerings. You should emphasize in addition to the free account management fees also fees when withdrawing the money from foreign banks, as well as transfers abroad. Continue overdraft interest, credit card offers, Internet banking and the PIN/TAN process as well as what happens if you lost the card once and then a new need. Pays the Bank or the poor customer? Detailed analysis, price and service comparisons to the Change of giro account think you go from giro account. Stephan Biermann

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The Figure

I explain. Saint that well is treated in a house is take fancied beside the point to the family. At the beginning pra is strengthenn mode to take care of to the order, always varied and constant. Some involve distress and pains, other pure vanity; some mesclam uncommon desvarios, so sparkling of surpassed without-vergonhice that it is good nor for speculating, make heard of merchant. Source: James A. Levine, M.D.. If the coitado one of the Saint adopts the criterion to take care of the order quickly received, the beggars relaxes in the obligations and, for any necessity, minor who is, there goes they to aporrinhar the poor person, in time to roll up sleeves and to search what they desire with the faith in God and the personal effort. To all and any hour goes to have line of people kneel in the front of the Saint, with the hands sensible ece of fishes praying, tears draining of cantinho of the eye and descends for the cheek and with the suspended rosary in the thumb, crazy so that its time arrives soon of, front the front, to transmit to that virtuous emissary the holy ghost its distressing martyrdoms. Distressing martyrdoms, I know If, in contrast, the Saint delays in taking care of the petitioners, pra mode to stimulate them it the devotion and persistence aiming at to the acquisition of necessary merits, will be seen encircled of lighted candles day and night, cangote ardendo of in such a way being of foot and the face, or better, its semblante Saint singed by the heat emitted for the luminosity come from as much candle. If this will not be punishment, does not know as to call. Who only knows what the sanctity joy is life of Saint can evaluate so great shortage. Without speaking in the wax mount that always forms at one’s feet the figure, therefore the many candles lighted next ones to the others contributes so that the heat of one hurries the burning of the other e, consequentemente, the melting of all occurs in lesser space of time.