Heavy Chronic Diseases

Heavy chronic diseases are in a year, sometimes two years, but minor – during the month. At first, when I fill the body with energy, the person feels better. He feels that the illness has passed, but still need to sessions continue until the purges began. – How many sessions are needed to pass? – I recommend take a minimum of 9 sessions. But in severe cases need to go is up to 80 sessions during the year. This, of course, if a person was close to death, but still managed to go to a healer.

After all, sometimes it's too late, for example, fourth-stage cancer and help sessions just die without pain and great suffering, which happen in cancer patients. When the energy fills the body man, it is, above all, starts to annihilate the action of poisons, and if the patient smokes or drinks, the energy instead of struggling with the treatment of nicotine and alcohol. On this during the treatment to quit smoking and drinking. – Prevents a reception Drug treatment? – Medication can be combined with this method. Even operations are more successful after sessions of healing.

Although I do not recommend surgery without urgent need. On the table were frukty. I looked at the way everyone around me. I'd become a saint if he had such a good heart. But now the feeling has dissipated. – You felt today in advance – which state I will bring you into the future – said Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA. – Just as I heal the body, I heal your soul. I shoot with her sins, negative energy and negative stress emotions created by false thoughts, and fills the soul with divine energy, which makes a man perfect. During my interaction we observed between the eyebrows as Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA were bumps in the skin as a flower petal, three large and several small petals. It happens always when it involves his third eye and holds his job by removing the aura of dark spots and students saturating light small, atrophied part of the soul, which in its infancy is the love, grace, compassion and other qualities of mind developed. With sincere love to you and wish to reside in a state of happiness!

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