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Professional Nursing

In this direction, the not-verbal communication blunts as an essential instrument in the assistance to the health. Then, the objective of this study is to reflect on the importance of the not-verbal communication of the patients during the nursing consultation. The analysis sources had consisted of books, periodic, scientific, teses articles and dissertaes, consulted in the vestibule of the Virtual Library in Sade (BVS), that it included the sites of scientific search: LILACS (Caribbean Latin American Literature and in Sciences of the Health), SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online), BDENF (Database of Nursing) and MEDLINE (International Literature in Sciences of the Health). In the accomplishment of the present article, it was considered that if it cannot leave to consider importance of the communication, as privileged form of language and way of expression. Its importance is such that it propitiates, in terms of acquisition of information on the patient, an immense and essential wealth. To if catching information from the verbal communication, the reasoning, the understanding and the knowledge set in activity.

the not-verbal communication to show the involuntary consequences, our deeper feelings, at last, what it has under the surface of the language. Thus, if it cannot think solely about the transmitted, untied words, but in a global, holistic communication. Word-key: Communication; Not-verbal communication; Nursing; nursing consultation. 1 – INTRODUCTION the communication is an essential instrument in the relation enters the professional of health and the patient. Through it, as much the professional how much the patient has the possibility of if making to understand, to inform, to transmit, to comfort and of being if the human knowledge. The intersubjectividade or the intercommunication is the primordial characteristic of this cultural and historical world.

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Eike Schulze

Wrongly – like the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) decided in the summer of this year (AZ.: XI ZR 388/10). Account management achievements for the Bank’s own billing purposes and must not be equipped with a special fee. The customer can get a performance that was linked for him with no advantage, because he could see his payment obligations also contract or interest and repayment schedule. Because the judgment is valid retroactively, borrower can reclaim previously paid account management fees. According to BGB, the General Statute of limitations for such claims is the customer does not receive back thus three years, longer past payments. Still unclear is whether the Statute may only begin with the end of the credit agreement–then banks would reimburse amounts received even before that.

Treasure cost even those fees are not allowed. Add to your understanding with Tree of Life Tai Chi Center. In the past, have Credit institutions Treasury costs for the determination of the object or the lending value of the property charged. The collateral value is calculated through the work of an expert, the cost – between 100 to 500 euro or even higher – the banks ranged further like to the customer. In a judgment of April 24, 2007 against a building society the Landgericht Stuttgart decided that this practice is not permitted. Because the valuation belong to the tasks of the building society and serve their interests, she should require no extra remuneration for it (REF. 20 O 9/07). As a result of the ruling, customers, taking into account the limitation period, could reclaim paid Treasury costs.

Many banks will now no treasure cost you money, but it is worth to look exactly. Description of the company has more than two million visitors per year, one of the most popular Web portals for private mortgage lending. More than 1,000 certified consultants are available to customers in a network of partners with advice and expertise to the page. Its service portfolio compares the company offers more than 300 banks. leads to the right financing partner future homeowners include not only the cheapest interest rate, but the total financing must be compatible with the requirements of the clients. experts accompany their customers from the inquiry about a good deal to finalize construction financing and their smooth operation. Company contact: Baufi24 GmbH Stephan Scharfenorth age Pond Trail 25 22081 Hamburg Tel: 0800 / 808 4000 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Baufi24 GmbH Eike Schulze age Pond Trail 25 22081 Hamburg Tel: 0800 / 808 4000 E-Mail: Web:

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Lemons, grapefruit and oranges in particular, are the perfect solution in combating many disease states, but especially help maintain good form when it has vital health. The juice of oranges, especially the citric acid: oxidant cleanser, disinfectant and contributes to the elimination of all substances that the body breaks down and rest in our bodies. It contains rich in trace elements and vitamins which make up a magnificent natural drug, which contains different substances which help significantly to improve our body. These include: calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potash, soda, minerals and also contains vitamins A, B, G and, especially, C. A cure for oranges, get real miracles with digestive disorders, headaches, stress, depression, rheumatic processes, poisoning … etc. Taking appropriate doses, like a glass of fresh juice in the morning upon waking up, about 10 minutes before breakfast, disinfects muscles stomach and dissolves accumulated debris, facilitating the secretions necessary for digestion. People with severe constipation, caused by nervousness, medicines, travel, food changes, pregnancy …

etc. magnesium containing the juice of oranges, and excites peristalsis helps clean the intestinal tract, destroys pathogenic microbial flora of the colon, constipation and helping to fight the evacuation, we support this function, with a diet of high fiber and plenty of fluids. The accumulation of fat in the liver and pancreas, often result in frequent conditions such as headaches and dizziness, so the orange juice, contributes to the cleaning and disposal of these substances that are deposited in these organs. Also the soda contained in the juice of citrus juice stimulates pancreatic digestive process activates the gastroduodenal, triggers the secretion hydrochloride and helps dissolve uric acid. For nervous people in times of stress, depression and intoxication, phosphorus juice oranges, is extremely beneficial and necessary for our body. People with digestive disorders, migraines or rheumatic processes, conducting a three day diet juice oranges taking, performed miracles. The orange is highly beneficial for its diuretic properties, making it easier to urinate. As is known, calcium facilitates the development of bones in children and in adults strengthens and tones, but we can say for women with menopause. And the potash contained in citrus juice, acts as regulator and tonic, contributing greatly to dissolve fat. And iron helps the blood hemoglobinizacion. However, there are contradictions in people with heartburn, consult your physician.

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Cheaper Electricity For Industrial And Commercial Customers

Power save much money – electricity provider switch and from immediately favourable electricity apply for industrial customers, commercial customers and corporate clients the electricity costs are a part of the cost, and for this reason the price of electricity must be kept as low as possible. As well as private person, every entrepreneur can get on the search after a favourable electricity tariff and choose his own electricity provider. A calculator can be used for a comparison, which exactly calculate the price of electricity or the potential customer uses the information and advice offered by the regional partners or distributors of a successful energy company. Lower power consumption, low power order, to the point: get off the high electricity costs for each company, each company an easier and safer way to significantly reduce of energy costs. Convenient and low-cost electricity with special rates for companies or small and medium-sized enterprises (SME BBs) offers not only the big power company; but in the meantime always cheaper the electricity supplier from the region.

A good tariff, clean energy, fair conditions and contracts, customer-friendly service are the points on which the customer from small businesses and medium-sized businesses with a provider change should observe, ensure an optimal power supply. Other aspects which are important for customers from industry and Commerce: electricity prices should be always cheaper than the standard fare of the local electric utility. Clean green electricity from environmentally friendly sources of energy (without nuclear power and coal) is the energy of the future for environmentally conscious companies. And current offers are particularly convincing, include the tariffs without basic fee, a simple change of power (no interruption of electricity supply, no new electricity meter, no costs, no formalities) and a long price guarantee. Secure the power supply in the long term, cost of electricity and conserving the environment clever entrepreneurs have all possibilities. Michael Senscheid, SENLOGAS energy -.

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Early Detection

Current messages confuse doctors and affected males currently haunt by the German press reports according to which the prevention of prostate cancer would not pay. The messages confuse affected men as well as doctors. It is worth to question what lies behind the most strikingly designed heading. To do this, you will quickly discover, it isn’t in the extensive study from Scandinavia to prevention in the strict sense, but to the classic early detection of prostate cancer. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr. John Mcdougall. This is something else entirely. To read more click here: Assurant Health. The concepts and measures for the early detection and prevention of prostate cancer should be separated so clean. The prostate gland is a very sensitive organ that can be affected by external influences and life style easily affected. So, enlargement of the prostate gland meet approximately every second man aged 50 and over.

Most of these enlargements are benign (benign). But not all of them. Each year nearly 50,000 men will develop in Germany new prostate cancer (malignant prostate enlargement). Prostate cancer is the most common cancer and the second leading cause of death among men. Alarmingly high numbers, when you consider that could be improved by right easy-to-implement measures vital early detection and retirement savings halved the risk of disease. Prostate check as a means of screening from the age of about 40 years ago, so the previous opinion, all men should undergo regularly a prostate check at the doctor or urologist.

Key tests, ultrasonic and laboratory markers (PSA value), it is possible to detect prostate cancer at an early stage and to treat. Because the sooner a cancer is treated, the chances are greater. Exactly these measures were analyzed in the Scandinavian long-term study over 20 years and found that the benefits not significantly exceeds the cost of the investigation. Therefore, the authors question the meaning of these measures. Men over 40 years of age should be But hold off by exaggerated messages about “prevention of prostate cancer brings nothing” not by the visit of kind of.

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Waste Recycling Sector

In value terms, total production of recycled waste reached 1,720 million euros in 2007 (including metal, paper and cardboard, wood, glass and plastic), after registering growth of 25% in 2006 and 17% in the past year. This growth was supported by the upward trajectory of the price of some materials, especially metal. The metal recycling segment was that experienced greater dynamism, showing a rate of variation of 18.2% last year, to around 8 million tonnes, which represented 51% of the total. For its part, the volume of paper and paperboard production reached 4.9 million tons, around 6% more than the previous year. The rest of segments, which each represent less than 10% of the total production, also recorded a positive performance, with growth rates of the volume of production in the environment of 10% in the case of wood and glass, while the production of recycled plastic grew around 5 % in the last year.

On the other hand, the total volume of recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment reached 150,000 tons in 2007, compared with the 90,000 registered in 2006, with most of the production to plastic and metal waste. WILL PROVIDE MORE THAN 17 MILLION TONS IN 2008. The evolution of the production of waste recycling of metal, paper and cardboard, wood, glass and plastic for the coming years expected to high rates of growth, expecting production increases close to 10%. Thus, total production could reach 17.4 billion tons at the end of 2008.

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Yuilop Integrated Mobile Couponing In Free Communication App

COUPIES now redeem coupons in the yuilop app and earn power points Cologne / Barcelona, November 3, 2011 – yuilop – that doesn’t matter free communication with all your contacts, SMS, chat or (soon also) telephony. The yuilop app allows the user free use of all these communication services. And free”is also the key word for the latest feature of the yuilop app: Mobile couponing. In the future, all yuilop users can free redeem the COUPIES coupons from the yuilop app out and collecting energy points. The communication services such as SMS or chat cost no money at yuilop. The user needs to do this,”only enough yuilop energy points. Each SMS he sends consumes”some of these energy points. Each SMS received, refills them.

In addition, there are more possibilities to recharge at any time on this SMS energy through activities within the app. So it is with the new feature Mobile couponing”immediately possible as not only cool discounts in shops, restaurants and leisure facilities, in the environment for the yuilop app to get energy points to get, but also with each payment. Coupons from COUPIES complement to the offer of yuilop and provide further added value for users. Currently integrates the couponing service in the yuilop Android app, iPhone and BlackBerry will soon follow. Jochen double hammer, founder and CEO of yuilop: We believe that communication should be free. Therefore we are working our users to allow endless free communication and save even when shopping. A leading source for info: Dr. Neal Barnard. The yuilop energy points are a means to ensure the cost – and endless communication. Mobile couponing perfectly complemented this philosophy. Our users are mobile and can redeem local discounts in their respective environment and thereby earn points in the app!” Thomas Engel, co-founder of COUPIES, responsible for marketing and cooperation: Mobile couponing is suited very well as a supplement to apps that are used on the road.

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Picture Clinical Anemia

I diagnosis laboratoriais normoctica Anemia micrcitica hipocrmica, esferocitose, reticulocitose, osmtica fragility and increased indirect bilirubin. Treatment the cure occurs through the esplenectomia with persistence of esferocitose. The esplenectonia brings as resulted the disappearance of anemia consequently normality of the reticulcito counting. Esplenectomia (> 10 years) transfusions and control of infections. If you have read about Assurant Health already – you may have come to the same conclusion. HEREDITARY ELIPTOCITOSE rare hereditary Anemia very transmitted in way autossomo dominant characterized morphologically for percentages of eritrcitos varying of 25% the 100% of the sanguineous estiraos (incidence: caucasianos) In general assintomtico Picture Clinical.

It is proven: vesicular esplenomegalia, jaundice, calculations, can occur chronic ulcers of leg, rare sseas deformities. I diagnosis Laboratoriais 50% of eliptcitos in estirao sanguineous, 10% reticulocitose, increased total and indirect bilirubin, normocitose and normocromia. Esplenectomia treatment (> 10 years). ANEMIA ACANTCITICA Is anemia with the membrane of the eritrcitos showing irregular projections for defects of the double layer of fosfolipdios caused by cholesterol deposits in the membrane of the eritrcitos. Picture Clinical Ataxia (coordination lack), anemia, alterations of the retina (it can cause blindness) I diagnosis Laboratoriais Reticulocitose in general, Discrete policromasia in general, and acantcitos. Successful treatment with heptica transplantation ANEMIAS FOR ENZYMATIC ALTERATIONS Is anemias that occur due to a hereditary eritrocitria enzymatic deficiency being more frequent the glucose-6-fosfato deficiency desidrogenase (G-6PD). Picture Clinical Assintomtica, hemolticas crises intravasculares (drugs oxidantes-sulfas, acid acetilsaliclico, vitamin K, infections).

The hemograma generally is normal when the G-6PD deficiency is not severe. The physical examination discloses only pallor. I diagnosis Laboratoriais qualitative Test of Brewer quantitative Test that doses Eletroforese enzyme of the hemoglobinas Obs Treatment: All the eritroenzimopatias are incurable, the treatments are palliative and its cures would imply in the modification of the genetic code. ANEMIAS HEMOLTICAS AUTO-IMUNES (AHAI) anemias are caused by auto-antibodies with specification against proteins of membrane of eritrcitos. They are characterized by eritrocitria destruction in result of the production for (IgG and IgM) against the proper hemcias or transfundidas hemcias.

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Prollenium Medical Technologies

It turns uprugofiksirovannaya, elongated and poperechnoskruchennaya molecule. It is like a spring and has the properties of ideal plasticity, viscosity and elasticity. The gel is easily inserted through the fine needle. But as soon as he gets into the tissues, the "short shrift" and pushes even the most capricious lines – the ones that usually can not handle the classic filler. The effect is maintained throughout the duration of the filler and leaves very gently. So what can rightly be Revanesse considered the first proof-4D! Family Foods Revanesse company Prollenium Medical Technologies is a new family of fillers (fillers). The range of drugs Revanesse contains the latest technology to produce products with cross-structure molecular bonds, which leads to high quality, and safety of the duration of the filler. Products Revanesse uses the highest concentration of stabilized hyaluronic acid, has rejuvenating and moisturizing effects and the possibility of increasing the volume and fill wrinkles.

Family Revanesse produktovvklyuchaet: Revanesse Pure, Revanesse , Revanesse Ultra, ReDexis , ReDexis1 Ultra Revanesse Pure – 100% biodegradable stabilized hyaluronic acid with not cross-link. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, replenishing lost on. Revanesse Pure moisturizes the skin and restore elasticity, giving it a healthy look. Revanesse Pure is ideal for filling the lost hyaluronic acid on the face, neck and hands. Injections made into the superficial dermal tissue, because its task is to restore lost skin structure.

The drug also strengthens the skin, forming a hyaluronic-acid chain, which makes the skin smooth and hydrated. Revanesse Pure does not act as conventional fillers, which fill wrinkles or creases, but rather helps restore and moisturize the entire surface of the skin, giving it a healthy look. Revanesse Pure can be used in conjunction with any other product families Revanesse . The procedure usually takes 15-20 minutes, the rate of one injection every month for four months. Revanesse – a new biodegradable drug on the basis of animal origin of purified hyaluronic acid in the form of gel. Revanesse is used to fill surface skin imperfections such as fine lines, forehead wrinkles, "crow's feet ', peri oral wrinkles, nasolabial folds small. Revanesse has a homogeneous monophasic structure that makes it very easy to bring it into cloth. Revanesse completely absorbed after about 6 months, leaving no harmful byproducts. Revanesse Ultra-medication is high viscosity, biodegradable non-animal origin on the basis of purified hyaluronic acid gel. This filler over a longer period of absorption. It is used to smooth over wrinkles and lines, such as deep wrinkles, perioral wrinkles, nasolabial folds, wrinkles and fine is used to add volume to lips and allocate the red border of lips. The increased level of cross-linking of hyaluronic acid, creates a very viscous gel, which is located in the skin longer, but still easy to enter. Revaness real workaholic. None of gel based on hyaluronic acid is not so "long-playing". Gel Revaness – ideal for both called "hyaluronic acid eaters" – patients who have increased activity of the enzyme hyaluronidase, is responsible for the cleavage acid. These people are often left wondering why their full lips, elevated cheekbones and smooth nasolabial folds so quickly "melts". Revaness formula has a high resistance against the insidious hyaluronidase.

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in this environment where the scale is unbalanced offering to two weights and two measures between man and woman for the masculine supremacy that could take a concubine, to enxergar a woman as object and plays it na life giving to it one ' ' letter of divrcio' ' , then, this rotten eye and that blind also the soul, must be ' ' arrancado' ' ' ' lanado' ' of the being, therefore they are who occult the favour and that she all leads the body to the ruin, being therefore, incapable to enxergar that the adultery one is not in the bed, but in an environment much more hidden that rooms that occult ' ' loves impossveis' '. In another message mine already I spoke that any one that to search law in the Writing, will harvest death, and here it is an example, therefore the law of the adultery one blinded the law of the life. This stretch of Ensino of the Mount that I comment is said for a people-target of education scribe-farisaico who cultuava the law and neglected the life. Then, in this context, Jesus does not launch one ' ' new lei' ' , but in the sample that this law operates in favor of the life and not, the opposite, therefore, fortunate is those, whose eyes, contemplate the humildade of spirit, because they had understood the essence of the kingdom of skies. To be salt of the land is to launch outside the insipidez of the dry law and to restore the flavor gostoso of the life. To be light is not to bring blackout pra nobody. The oath can be of the mouth pra is, but yes the sincere one of the heart, never will come of the malignant one. To resist the perverse one makes in them to walk miles and miles, losing the teeth and pulling out the eyes of the others.

That the love alone gains expression when even though the enemy surrenders it and this it is a pale consequence of the perfection of God. That the alms is given with the two hands so that a hand does not have cimes of the other. The conjunct is made in silence because God is not fool and he always knew our intention. Jejum either an interior, and not expression of the vanity that searchs compliments for itself exactly wanting to show that one is more saint of what the other. That one that serves the two gentlemen if confuses and later does not know plus who is who. That one that judges the others is being judged for the proper ignorance that does not perceive the bar of the right eye. That the wide door of the law in them leads the perdio because creates a system of proper sacrifices exactly and the cult itself, being that many are seduced by the width of this way, but that the door of the favour is the way for which we must walk, either even so narrow because demands the resignation of all human sacrifice that searchs justice proper and they invite all exclusively to rest in the power de a Cruz and the love of God. The man starts to dive exactly in itself when ' ' arranca' ' the eyes of the badness, therefore, enxergando nothing in its redor more are not obliged to perceive and are from there that it starts to die ' ' deus' ' inside of us so that the man is born only, therefore it is this that we are.