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Understanding Human Nature

Carnegie grandfather in the 50's of last century, pointed to most raspostronennoe delusion of all mankind, he gave an example of a maniac killer who the court did not feel than the guilty. Let's look at why this is occurs. There are so-called "protective reaction", they include a lot of psychological reaction to attack the "ego" for example, "intellectualization" We also are interested in this issue "projection." The projection means that the person distorts reality and the quality of their projects the world around them or person. He says the world is cruel, and thus justifies his cruelty, as well as its other disadvantages. Next is "rationalization," he says the bad man the last scum and why should I be in something wrong. And this even though he could have done with this bad man the worst way. In conclusion, say the following with protective reactions of the ego, the man always finds a self-defense and justification. But there is one way to break this Bastille, Dale Carnegie discovered it in my opinion quite by accident.

Let's say you're with someone fell out and every one of you in something was not right (You are of course mutually consider yourself angels). Without hesitation Dr. John Mcdougall explained all about the problem. But if you take the phone and type in her abuser and completely take all the veins on ourselves here and then the person will feel uncomfortable. That is defending itself in response to it he will apologize and say that he is not around he was right. If this does not happen, I would not recommend further konfrantirovat with this man, he finds reasons in 1000, he was right, as it generally happens. Sincerely yours, Krapivner Eugene.

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Hypnosis Treatment For Panic Attacks

Modern psychotherapy allows you to quickly and reliably get rid of panic attacks and panic attacks. Panic attacks and panic syndrome – a subconscious reaction, which manifests itself bouts of fear, in the presence of internal conflict of man. Panic attack is characterized by the following symptoms: sudden slabostuchaschennoe serdtsebieniepovyshenie ADchuvstvo lack vozduhapotlivost oznoboschuschenie or something who draws the most power characteristic – a feeling of terrible fear of impending disaster or catastrophe, sometimes foreboding of death. Often people who survived the attack panic attack can not describe the whole 'gamut' experiences and perceptions attack. If a person experienced one or two times a panic attack, then in his subconscious begins to develop panic syndrome – waiting for the Next Attack Panaca, because panic attack is tricky because it can happen anywhere and anytime. Permanent waiting for the next panic attack severely restricts the freedom of man in his actions, lifestyle changes and, in fact, denies the existence of high-grade.

Often, panic attacks combined with phobias. For example, if there was a panic attack in the subway, then a person may develop a fear of travel in public transport, if the attack prozishel on the street – and so agarafobiya The clinical treatment of panic syndrome, panic attacks and targeted as Typically, the medication: sedatives, antidepressants, as well as physical therapy – soothing bath, electric massage. Compliance with the daily routine, sleep and rest, the rejection of bad habits. Such treatment panic attacks and panic syndrome, of course, brings relief, but it takes a long time for drugs, usually long courses. At the completion of the course of drug therapy, usually attacks Panic returns again. The fact that the panic syndrome and panic attacks – this is the reaction of the unconscious man on the presence of internal conflict (reasons), yet will not be allowed to shower cause panic attacks are regularly 'visit' rights. However, as experience shows, the longer a person suffers from panic attacks, the stronger the impulsive and long they occur, and hence – more difficult. There are cases when attacks are so strong that without the provision of rapid ambulance man could not take off the attack.

Modern psychotherapy has modern and proven techniques that allow you to get rid of panic attacks and panic syndrome. A growing number of psychotherapists have resorted to hypnotherapy – the simultaneous use of psychotherapy and hypnosis. Hypnotherapy allows you to find, analyze and eliminate the cause, formed a similar reaction subconscious – panic attacks. Hypnologist session on Medical Hypnosis helps the patient in this. Very often, strong feelings, emotional upheaval or disorder vnutrelichnostnaya rights generates this disorder. Profitable side of hypnotherapy in the treatment of panic attacks is rapid impact of therapy. The client does not need months to go to the office of the psychoanalyst, to try to find the cause of panic overcome panic attacks and symptoms. The main appeal to an experienced doctor, therapist, hypnologist in Moscow.

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Natural Stimulants

Mild stimulants – coffee, tea and mate tea is very popular in the world. The reason for this purine alkaloid content in the form of various derivatives. This alkaloid is present in high doses in all club drugs. Cocaine, ecstasy, different amphetamine. The article is a story of popular drinks, are disclosed their medicinal properties and identify the types and doses of safe and beneficial use. General recommendations Brew and drink stimulating drinks better in the morning to 14.00. After two hours, it is desirable to reject them or at least reduce consumption to a minimum.

I understand that people have become dependent on coffee or tea, or working the night shift, it will not work. In the choice should be based on feasibility and health, not taste. Favorite drink tea and a book by Gogol Sherlock Holmes. Motherland of tea – China. Mythical Emperor Shen Nong, studying the properties of plants, stirred the leaves. Tasted the drink, the governor came to the conclusion – this is the best medicine of all diseases! Addicted to tea, no more drinking.

In the middle of the XVI century, tea was in Europe, to immediately climb. When Emperor Mikhail Fedorovich, very fond of this novelty drink, "captured" the elite of Russia. Soon we were drinking it everywhere. Contains theine. This also is nice. Thein – a kind of caffeine, a strong stimulant of the nervous system. Content alkaloid is moderate, with the correct dosage has no destructive effects. In conjunction with the tannins, which are antioxidants, reduces the risk of many diseases.

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‘Hand Lipoplasty. ” Non-surgical Liposuction

The method is based author's method of using a special hand technique, developed by Fedoseev, NV 'Hand lipoplasty' – it's completely independent branch of non-surgical liposuction. The method was developed based on years of practice to rejuvenate the tissues through a radical restructuring of the subcutaneous fat and increase skin turgor. Work is proceeding on the problem areas the figures, which have dense the consistency of fat and practically do not react to diet, fitness, and standard procedures in beauty salons. This fat is called sclerosal. Imagine a fatty lumps that are enclosed in impermeable fabric (it is called fibrosis). This fibrous tissue does not pass to fat no matter how you would not have tried.

It is isolated from the body. Dr. Neal Barnard understands that this is vital information. Sclerosal fat occurs during puberty, it also becomes chronic calorie fat (fatty lumps gradually increase and become overgrown by fibrous membrane impermeable). During the procedure itself is no destruction, 'burning' of fat occurs. Just is not going away dense fibrous walls and capsules are enclosed in individual fat cells and their clusters. The fact is that during the procedure in the tissues of the treated area of concern is the accumulation of specific enzymes, mediators and reactive oxygen.

But between sessions under the influence of these substances is just going loosening and disintegration of fibrous tissue, destruction of membranes of fat cells and splitting of the fat. Such 'recycling' extends to a 3-to 6 weeks after procedure. Cleavage products of fat excreted naturally by the kidneys and liver (via our system of elimination). During the course can lead a normal life, is familiar to you food. AND The term 'course' here is relative – the intervals between treatments are not limited, since you took that as a result of the procedure, it will not return. And – note – no 'washboard'. 'Hand lipoplasty' – this is not a fight against obesity – is figure correction with exquisite accuracy. Figure machined under your individual order, removing annoying you 'fixed landing' surplus. For example, getting rid of the "jodhpurs" visually lengthens the leg to a few centimeters, it is transforming the skyline. The result of correction is stored for a lifetime.

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Heavy Chronic Diseases

Heavy chronic diseases are in a year, sometimes two years, but minor – during the month. At first, when I fill the body with energy, the person feels better. He feels that the illness has passed, but still need to sessions continue until the purges began. – How many sessions are needed to pass? – I recommend take a minimum of 9 sessions. But in severe cases need to go is up to 80 sessions during the year. This, of course, if a person was close to death, but still managed to go to a healer.

After all, sometimes it's too late, for example, fourth-stage cancer and help sessions just die without pain and great suffering, which happen in cancer patients. When the energy fills the body man, it is, above all, starts to annihilate the action of poisons, and if the patient smokes or drinks, the energy instead of struggling with the treatment of nicotine and alcohol. On this during the treatment to quit smoking and drinking. – Prevents a reception Drug treatment? – Medication can be combined with this method. Even operations are more successful after sessions of healing.

Although I do not recommend surgery without urgent need. On the table were frukty. I looked at the way everyone around me. I'd become a saint if he had such a good heart. But now the feeling has dissipated. – You felt today in advance – which state I will bring you into the future – said Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA. – Just as I heal the body, I heal your soul. I shoot with her sins, negative energy and negative stress emotions created by false thoughts, and fills the soul with divine energy, which makes a man perfect. During my interaction we observed between the eyebrows as Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA were bumps in the skin as a flower petal, three large and several small petals. It happens always when it involves his third eye and holds his job by removing the aura of dark spots and students saturating light small, atrophied part of the soul, which in its infancy is the love, grace, compassion and other qualities of mind developed. With sincere love to you and wish to reside in a state of happiness!

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Diet Naomi Campbell

One of the most productive in the revelation of the stars can rightly be called the Oprah Winfrey show. This time was split dark-skinned supermodel Naomi Kompbell. Dr. John Mcdougall may help you with your research. Star podium, and many scandals, it is often shocking the audience with their frank clothes and a willingness to demonstrate flawless body. Nevertheless, and it turned out, you need a lot of refuse. Being a model is hard to imagine Naomi svobodovoliya izmozhdayuschey a long training and unbearable hunger …

Surely she chooses for herself loved some pleasant diet … and how to recognize a supermodel, the extra weight it saves on the maple syrup diet, alcohol and cigarettes. Well, perhaps it is Usually it is very difficult … Naomi otkazyvaelas talk about their methods of struggle against excess weight, but on the Oprah Unifri still say that three times a year, prefers to normal diet diet with maple syrup. Naomi claims that her forties age, she still feels hot and daring. A maple syrup can not only solve the problem of how to lose weight, but also cleanse the body of unnecessary junk. Judging by the statements of the star, and this Diet makes it so much courage and strength, though, given its nature, it can be concluded that only nature owes its active Naomi and enduring fame – temperament does not depend on either starvation or from losing weight. And really smoking and alcohol is unlikely to choose good companions in shape – nutritionists predict that if the star will continue to continue to abuse these bad habits, the risks to earn not just "cute" sores mannequins (gastritis, and anemia), but also roll up his hospital bed with an ulcer.

However, until Naomi gave little thought to the future and continues to clean his slender body with maple syrup. This diet also includes cayenne pepper and lemon juice. In terms of nutrition is justified only use lemon juice and cayenne pepper can now only the opposite – to increase appetite and lead to overeating … Well, sometimes the stars above know better …

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The Liver

The liver is occupied by not only destroy the harmful, but also the production efficiency. This is a real complex biochemical synthesis, and in combination – the repository of the necessary reagents. The liver produces cholesterol, phospholipids, and lipids, bile acid (the main component of bile), hormones and enzymes for the process of fat digestion in the intestine, plasma proteins, glucose (from other organic substances); stores supplies of vitamins, minerals and glycogen – quick source of glucose for its lack. And of course, is much shorter list. The liver can make even the loss of blood, "squeezing" the surplus of their vessels. And while the liver never complains.

It virtually no nerve endings, so it simply can not afford to be ill. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr. John Mcdougall. When workers die of poisoned cells (hepatocytes), when in their place comes useless connectors or fat – it is silent. The first signals only come in the form of gravity in the right side – the reaction of surrounding tissue to a significant increase in the size of the organ, which may be easily determined at the initial examination. Or is the problem starts with the whole dependent liver neighbor – the gall bladder (cholecystitis). When the liver is not coping, there is a discoloration of the skin, mucous membranes, sclera eye (jaundice), can become discolored feces, and urine becomes dark. Add to this the itchy skin, the appearance of vascular "stars" on the upper chest, neck and face, chronic fatigue, irritability, reduced intellectual capacity (because of constant intoxication). In Anyway, at the first sign that something is wrong, you want a qualified doctor. It is clear that to find such in our open spaces is not easy, but worth it. Self and blind faith can be the first that fell Aesculapius result in equally deplorable. There are a group of drugs that are always assigned no matter what the cause of liver disease (as well as antiviral, choleretic, anti-inflammatory drugs, immunomodulators, vitamins).

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Prollenium Medical Technologies

It turns uprugofiksirovannaya, elongated and poperechnoskruchennaya molecule. It is like a spring and has the properties of ideal plasticity, viscosity and elasticity. The gel is easily inserted through the fine needle. But as soon as he gets into the tissues, the "short shrift" and pushes even the most capricious lines – the ones that usually can not handle the classic filler. The effect is maintained throughout the duration of the filler and leaves very gently. So what can rightly be Revanesse considered the first proof-4D! Family Foods Revanesse company Prollenium Medical Technologies is a new family of fillers (fillers). The range of drugs Revanesse contains the latest technology to produce products with cross-structure molecular bonds, which leads to high quality, and safety of the duration of the filler. Products Revanesse uses the highest concentration of stabilized hyaluronic acid, has rejuvenating and moisturizing effects and the possibility of increasing the volume and fill wrinkles.

Family Revanesse produktovvklyuchaet: Revanesse Pure, Revanesse , Revanesse Ultra, ReDexis , ReDexis1 Ultra Revanesse Pure – 100% biodegradable stabilized hyaluronic acid with not cross-link. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, replenishing lost on. Revanesse Pure moisturizes the skin and restore elasticity, giving it a healthy look. Revanesse Pure is ideal for filling the lost hyaluronic acid on the face, neck and hands. Injections made into the superficial dermal tissue, because its task is to restore lost skin structure.

The drug also strengthens the skin, forming a hyaluronic-acid chain, which makes the skin smooth and hydrated. Revanesse Pure does not act as conventional fillers, which fill wrinkles or creases, but rather helps restore and moisturize the entire surface of the skin, giving it a healthy look. Revanesse Pure can be used in conjunction with any other product families Revanesse . The procedure usually takes 15-20 minutes, the rate of one injection every month for four months. Revanesse – a new biodegradable drug on the basis of animal origin of purified hyaluronic acid in the form of gel. Revanesse is used to fill surface skin imperfections such as fine lines, forehead wrinkles, "crow's feet ', peri oral wrinkles, nasolabial folds small. Revanesse has a homogeneous monophasic structure that makes it very easy to bring it into cloth. Revanesse completely absorbed after about 6 months, leaving no harmful byproducts. Revanesse Ultra-medication is high viscosity, biodegradable non-animal origin on the basis of purified hyaluronic acid gel. This filler over a longer period of absorption. It is used to smooth over wrinkles and lines, such as deep wrinkles, perioral wrinkles, nasolabial folds, wrinkles and fine is used to add volume to lips and allocate the red border of lips. The increased level of cross-linking of hyaluronic acid, creates a very viscous gel, which is located in the skin longer, but still easy to enter. Revaness real workaholic. None of gel based on hyaluronic acid is not so "long-playing". Gel Revaness – ideal for both called "hyaluronic acid eaters" – patients who have increased activity of the enzyme hyaluronidase, is responsible for the cleavage acid. These people are often left wondering why their full lips, elevated cheekbones and smooth nasolabial folds so quickly "melts". Revaness formula has a high resistance against the insidious hyaluronidase.

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Treating Varicose Veins

Laser treatment of varicose veins varicose veins Modern treatment techniques based on the effect of intravascular coagulation vein under the action of laser energy. It is widely used in foreign clinics for patients who shows the surgery. The long-term efficacy over 95%. Performed on an outpatient basis. After puncture of the veins in the calf or thigh under the control of a duplex scanner, it introduces the laser light guide and conducted the entire length of the defeat of the veins (see scans). Performed with local anesthesia around the vein to create a "water cushions" (protection of surrounding tissues).

With a slow extraction of the fiber laser photocoagulation is performed vein. Immediately after the procedure is put on compression hosiery. Adherence to 6 weeks of compression sclerotherapy … more (compression flebosklerozirovanie) non-surgical treatment for varicose veins based on the introduction of their clearance sclerosant, which causes adhesion of the lumen of the vein and its complete disappearance in the future (skleroobliteratsiya). Sclerotherapy is an outpatient basis and usually from several procedures. The main advantages of the method – high cosmetic effect and the ability to begin immediately after treatment to daily activities. Compression sclerotherapy is not a purely cosmetic procedure.

Its Results of therapeutic effect and its duration is comparable with surgery. In order to secure adhesion and rapid disappearance of varicose veins immediately after injection of sclerosing medication is needed elastic compression with compression stockings. Depending on the particular form of varicose veins and apply a few basic modifications sclerotherapy: mikroskleroterapiya, foam-form-sclerotherapy variceal veins ehoskleroterapiya.

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Nature Tan Summer Pack

Nature Tan is the latest development in the area of dietary supplements. Key features Nature Tan: Protection from solar radiation and aggressive “healthy” tan. In developing the Nature Tan uses the latest scientific development. Nature Tan inside protects the body from harmful sun exposure and do not have the shortcomings of the protective creams. The composition of one capsule ‘NATURE TAN’ include: turmeric powder (Kurkuma Longa) 164 mg isoflavone coi (10%) 50 mg extract grape marc 30 mg vitamin C (100% of recommended daily allowance) 60 mg vitamin E (50% of daily needs), 5 mg beta-carotene (50% of daily requirement) 2,4 mg zinc (51% of daily needs), 7 5 mg selenium 77,5 g Sun and its influence 1. The influence of solar radiation. Sunburn: helpful or harmful? Everyone wants to be beautiful, young and healthy.

How to achieve this? Without sunlight there is no life. The sun’s rays are necessary for healthy human existence on a daily basis: for learning and further processing of vitamins D, E, ascorbic acid, fats, proteins, minerals, and they are normally help fight seasonal depression. Sunlight in the body increases production of so-called “Hormones of happiness”. In this case tan looks wonderful, he is young and gives a sporty look, so very popular as an aesthetic factor. On the other hand, UV rays: * contribute to premature aging of the skin due to phototoxic (oxidative) stress, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes thin and wrinkled; * for excessive use can cause skin diseases, * after the end of insolation tan quickly disappears. Negative effect of UV radiation can also be a fotodermatity – a violent inflammatory skin reaction with blistering, exacerbation of chronic illnesses, relapses of herpes, the appearance of benign and even malignant tumors. How to reconcile these contradictions? The influence of UV rays, especially in large doses, causes phototoxic effects (oxidative stress), forming a huge amount of damaging our cells of free radicals, which natural antioxidant system of the person is unable to cope.