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PKV Insurance

Cheap private health insurance – experts warn as buyer pays a private health insurance (PKV) you can often even less than in a statutory health insurance fund. Nonetheless, caution is advised because conspicuously cheap rates of the car can bring also some deficits. Cheap tariffs of PKV with caution to enjoy some PKV tariffs appear unbeatable cheap at first glance. But fasten the decision for private health insurance at the price alone, can have dangerous consequences for an insured person. Because in part the supposedly cheap tariffs in an emergency have large performance gaps, so that the customer must pay much but out of his own pocket. Stiftung Warentest warned already last year before some PKV cheap rates.

After a doctor visit cheap insurers reimburse treatment among other things only pro rata, the car insured must then assume a portion of the physician fee. Also the assurances in the contract include a performance often including psychotherapy or physical therapy of From the outset. And also the costs for dental services is restricted to privately insured with a cheap fare to an annual ceiling. Increase in premium at cheaper PKV pre-programmed private health insurers that offer comparatively very low tariffs, were several times reprimanded in the past. Them is accused of initially deliberately to lure customers with attractive low rates and then, if this not more can undo their decision for the PKV, greatly increasing the contributions. Also miscalculations of the insurance companies can cause that car customers pay very low premiums, and later are confronted with enormous premium increases.

Insured persons who actually wanted to save money with a cheap fare, must then ultimately pay more than originally planned. Without a detailed and professional advice, therefore no one should opt for a cheap car. Correctly save even young, healthy people in the PKV the independently working, want to save money with the car. Before graduating from a cheap car should check the terms and conditions of the tariff necessarily with an expert, which comes in question for them. Who wants to save the car, look for a corresponding price, which has no risky performance gaps. Subject to performance constraints, such as, for example, refraining from a chief physician treatment in a hospital or on grants for Visual AIDS, insured of the car can save anyway. C. Garcia online editorial

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Global Warming Affects People

At the summit of the big 'eights' discussed the problem of global climate change. Baikal remains a clean lake. The mouth of the Volga River was among the ten most polluted coastal areas in the world. Birds can save the vanishing African forests. Because of the widespread use of nitrogen fertilizers has increased the number of deaths from diabetes. Scientists have proposed a new system of calculating liability for pollution. Global warming reduces productivity.

Overview of events for the week of 06/07/2009 to 12/07/2009. The mouth of the Volga River was among the ten most polluted coastal areas of the world in the top ten list of most polluted coastal areas hit the mouth of the Volga. Great Russian river made the list a group of scientists from the University of California at Santa Barbara (USA), which has contributed so-called 'hot spots' – the most polluted coastal rivers, which is increasingly affected by human activity on land. The study authors note that most coastal areas suffer from a huge number of different types of industrial and domestic emissions on land. This is particularly evident in the mouths of large rivers, so in them gets a lot of waste from smaller tributaries. At 23 place in the list of coastal areas experiencing the greatest negative impact due to human activities on land located downstream of the Don. A dirtiest on the planet was found the mouth of the Mississippi River. According to scientists at the present time almost all coastal areas of the Earth affected by human activity, as well as on the efforts of the recent global climate change.

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Psychoanalysis Psychology

The birth of psychology as it disciplines autonomous worker alone vaiocorre, truily, from 1879 in Leipzig, with the creation for First Wundtdo dedicated laboratory to the psychic studies. At the beginning of century XX, with the appearance of the psychological schools. Estruturalismo, Bureaucracy, Behaviolismo, Gestalt psychology and Psychoanalysis occur a disruption with the dualismoimplicado one in Psychology, then defined as the science of the psiquismo or dosfatos of the conscience. Psychology does not study only the human behavior. It still studies with behavior of the animal, mainly of rats echimpanzs, this study offers to interesting subsidies in the understanding dasbases of the human behavior.

Psychology as science that does not have condiesde to always use the traditional methods of the calls accurate sciences. Apsicologia is the study of the behavior. as main man and its well-being is nossosinteresses, and of the behavior that we treat here. With the study, psychology must look for to reach trsobjetivos it discretion, the prediction and the control of the behavior. It must, therefore to be capable to describe the necessary deformed behavior and explains it adequately, before if to be able to think empredizes it or changes it, with reasonable edge of success. PSYCHOLOGY AND ITS FIELD OF ACTIVITY psychology encloses some fields of performance. As clinical, esportiva Psychology, instructive, schools, hospital and deexcepcional psychology. The used field in the research was the clinic.

Apsicologia nowadays. Psychology is a science empirical, and sophisticated, quecresce quickly, and wants can be applied, at least tentatiively and quepode to be applied to help very in the solution of of the practical problems dasociedade. It is not a Body of truths you established, sabedoriaclinica, or philosophical speculations, however joint complex, vigorous epotente of methods sofisticadospara the discovery of basic relations quepodem to be of great meaning for each man, and a set scientific degeneralizaes useful-each generalization to put exhibits a etiquetaprobalitistica, nothing is absolute. Psychology is a boarding a way to arrive aosproblemas and to think regarding them. Psychology this making tremendous progressos: who querque is involved in this field can be proud of the power of the humildade, daamplitude and of the success of the psychology of today. CONCLUSION I conclude that most important it is the professional devotion, atica it is to hug the profession is to make with the love and to like what making. Therefore and the life of the human being that arrow in game. Therefore an imperfection can cause serious problems. They profissotem it that to have concientious in its acts, and to aim at the good and lucrative not eexagerada it. Everything that if makes for love has its you reward.

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Risk Factor Unhealthy Life Style

Also the joints suffer and need special protection smoking is unhealthy. We know that. Obesity is harmful. We also know that. And the combination of the two does no good now really our health.

Negative consequences not only on the heart are so predictably circulatory system. No, like also the joints. Once of course by the load as a result of the excess weight. But also by the ignition propensity increased in smokers who are overweight. So, researchers have found that obese smokers have a particularly high risk to damage to joints, which are often inflammatory nature.

What is to be done? Of course quit smoking and reduce weight, even if it is difficult. And in addition the joints specifically support with natural components of joint and anti-inflammatory drugs, which can promote the smooth functioning of the joints and reduce the inflammation in the joints. This, certainly, a good balanced diet plays an important role. But that’s enough? Often unfortunately not,. provide as many food sufficient joint modules nor natural anti-inflammatories. So what’s to do? The solution lies in the form of tablets and capsules with the required components on hand. Articular cartilage to the maintenance and strengthening of the repair shop”will be provided enough building materials and also anti-inflammatory substances. Then, the cartilage scaffold can remain strong and elastic. Here the joint modules with the name of Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulphate and the purely plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid ALA have proven. Glucosamine plus chondroitin sulfate is there as ArtVitum tablets. ALA is included in the plant OmVitum capsules. ArtVitum is a supplementary balanced diet for nutritional treatment of osteoarthritis. The small tablets are free from sugar, lactose, gluten, and dyes. OmVitum is a supplementary balanced diet for nutritional treatment of inflammation. Both are for health-conscious people Preparations in offered as ArtVitum plus in the low-cost Combi Pack.

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Sentimental Memories

This research presents as central subject the present hibridismo in the workmanship Sentimental Memories of Miramar Joo, of Oswald de Andrade. This workmanship was chosen by if dealing with an aesthetic innovative workmanship linguisticamente and, that it breaks with the literature of effective classic style until then. For this research, the main objective is to show as Oswald de Andrade ‘ ‘ devora’ ‘ the European ideas of the Vanguadas and the reaproveita in its workmanship. This antropofgico act is expressed a hybrid, linguistic and, structurally anecdotal writing. The research was carried through on the basis of the critical studies of Haroldo De Campos, Mrio Da Silva Brito, Benedict Nunes and August Maria Fonseca. Oswald, following its antropofgica and nationalistic idea of the Wood-Brazil Manifestos (1924) and Cannibal (1928) these manifestos are posterior the Sentimental Memories of Miramar Joo -, it devorou the European Vanguards and it created first the great Modern and Brazilian workmanship.

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Nietzsche Health

It is not simple but the decision is crucial and includes to discover what it pleases to it and to remain open to the new discoveries and interests, what it of course goes happening a time that o' ' to be ' ' either the choice! It has who it says that to filosofar the favorable cold either, disagrees, as well as with the preconception of that the German language either to this essential activity, to think is of the man, of all to that he is unsatisfied and it has courage, to dare to undertake a dangerous and solitary close trip a time that all thought is uncommon and singular, has approaches of vises of world, of the realities but we deceive ourselves when we unfasten energy searching to equal itself, to supervalue other perspectives that not proper, this occurs frequently with unsafe people and these are for not having the auto one knowledge necessary to take the great decision above-mentioned. To enjoy of health, peace and happiness, contentment, joy, will of power in Nietzsche, are necessary to know these ways previously, that is the peace, the health the joy is the ways. From good meeting, joys-well – to be, we construimos health tracks joys and peace, not necessarily in this order. We are predestinate beings the repetition, therefore souvenirs, memories of glad moments foment the desire and, we go in search of experiences to return to the satisfaction states. Therefore it is indispensable to change saddened, restrained, resented standards, to leave the conceptual traps and to enter in contact with activities and people who bring pleasant experiences, although the fear of the happiness that each one loads in itself, due mainly to the guilt feeling (unconscious). Each person is free to choose and starts to choose from the experiences, to have them it is necessary to breach preconceptions and to leave them she is necessary to admit how much it does not know on the existence of these (humildade) and its influences in the decisions, pseudo choices, repetitions of sad standards, auto sabotages, recriminations, you blame, ressentimentos.

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Federal Association

Small and medium-sized companies as attractive customer group win corporate health management (BGM) is currently on everyone’s lips. The population and hence the employees of many companies are getting older. Thus increase significantly also the losses due to diseases such as back pain or stress or burnout. An active intervention of corporate governance is an important way seen in the long run here, to counteract this trend sustainable. With the opportunities that this new market offers health care providers, the main topic block BGM deals”the GETUP Congress 2012 (20. And April 21, 2012 in the context of FIBO in Essen).

In addition to technical approaches, which introduces managers coach and sports psychologist of the German national football team, Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann, and Dr. Volker Hansen, head of the Department of social protection of the Federal Association of German employers (BDA), which will go up from an employer point of view on the topic of BGM is it also lectures by practitioners and others Give industrial companies to the day-to-day implementation of BGM. At the end of the point of the program, participants have the chance to discuss their views with the renowned experts. BGM offers great opportunities for fitness and health companies, which can serve this emerging market offering qualified and open up in the future as new customer groups and sources of income. Here not only the large national companies, but also regionally-based industrial enterprises or craft business around the corner are considered potential new customers. Just these small and medium-sized companies are looking for professional business-specific solutions and a regional point of contact.

Learn what opportunities BGM offers and how they can be used in the main session of the GETUP Congress on the Friday, 20.4.2012 from 9 to 13 h and in the best practice presentations from 16 until 18: 00. GETUP Congress 2012 within the framework of the FIBO open Congress of industry”on 20 and 21 April 2012 corporate health management as Main theme, as well as specialist forums in the areas covered diet, activity and management, are the contents of the 6th GETUP Congress ( on 20 and 21 April 2012 in Essen in the frame of the leading trade show for fitness, wellness and health (FIBO) takes place. Organized the Conference for the industry of the future is prevention, fitness and health, which is open to all professionals and fitness-oriented people of the German University of prevention and health management ( and the trade fair organiser of Reed Exhibitions. Participants can again expect a varied programme with lectures, best-practice examples and discussion boards for the implementation of current trends in the healthcare market. The specialized forums illuminate current themes and also provide an opportunity for discussion with the expert speakers. The offer is completed by an attractive social programme, including guided exhibition tour and access to the FIBO halls on the booked day of Congress. Thanks to the support of sponsors, the participation in GETUP Congress can 2012 in turn be offered for a very favourable price performance ratio. More information at or getup Congress.

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Winter Fat Training

Problem areas not only with fitness training, but with the latest space technology fight just around Christmas time we are confronted with all kinds of tasty temptations, benefiting quickly makes itself felt on hips and thighs. Regular fitness training is just one of many ways the Vitalis health centre in Dusseldorf, to back the winter problem areas to tackle. Fit with Galileo and the Vacustyler two high-tech purchased equipment from space, with which not only the silhouette can be streamlined, but also well-being and health can be tangibly promoted. Cookies, cakes, Christmas goose now is the time of the beating to and clean example again. Who has been genetically blessed with a fast metabolism and a tight connective tissue not do something, not to fall into the winter fat trap. The Vitalis health centre in Dusseldorf is provided with space technology for a slim silhouette and a lighter attitude to life.

Vibration training is based on an idea from the space with Galileo. So that the muscles of astronauts in weightlessness does not recede, they must continuously train and provide stimuli. Vibration training is already several decades in use and is used with great success here on Earth in physical therapy. The plate emits vibrations in the range between 5 and 30 Hz. This activates the muscles in depth without straining your spine or joints. Galileo training is also gentle for the cardiovascular system and blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism. It is perfectly suited to improving muscle performance and improve muscle function, as well as to the mobilization. Also, the Vacustyler is a device whose operating principle is used in the space. Without gravity, not only the muscles make back the heart is simply not able to provide the whole body and especially the legs sufficiently with blood. Therefore astronauts need this vacuum treatment, which is now also available in the gym.

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Dusseldorf Health

Training event according to 5 (3) of the ASiG. For entrepreneurs, professionals and executives, works councils, specialists for occupational safety, safety officers, occupational physicians, officials, inspectors and employees by professional associations, the Haus der Technik performs its large and successful occupational safety and health annual meeting in cooperation with the Professional Association of wood and metal, Dusseldorf on the 24.01.2013 for the 57th time. Presentations on current issues in the field of occupational safety and health with a focus on safety technology, ergonomics, occupational medicine and health protection from the perspective of practice, science and research are kept. The posts provide suggestions and decision-support tools for technical and organizational measures ultimately aimed at the prevention of occupational accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards. The focus of the event is: new EU regulation on standardising the currently ongoing revision of the operational safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) shift work – a Design contract with consistently high relevance ergonomic shift work within a company demo demography concept quality requirements on new and more (UN) modified machines screen work in production and in control rooms – legal basics, deficits, design solutions measures for the conservation of the cognitive performance of older workers in barrier-free design jobs – requirements to interested find the set up and operation details under: W-H020-01-149-3.html Dipl.-ing. Kai banks man

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You give me light the new album by Leo Rojas – albatross son of Ecuador, we live, you look at my life, you give me life, that’s why you’re the father Sun”(from the song son of Ecuador”). Albatross”is the sonorous name of the new album by Leo Rojas. The title song of the legendary British American band Fleetwood Mac with nature and the mood of the South American coastline, where the large sea birds at home are associated a cult. The album title is carefully selected, because it involves the combination of home feeling and modern pop sounds. Leo Rojas has teamed up with albatross”made about his native American nature and culture something of their own to create.

Musically, he breaks a long and courageous way – or better: A sounding highway through the vibrant Indian villages, endless corn fields and the impenetrable rain forests of his native Ecuador. The story of Leo Rojas still sounds like a modern fairy tale. Was of a nature-loving Indian street musicians in a very short time a nationwide known superstar. With his pan flute, he at first for years travelled through Germany’s shopping until 2011, an enthusiastic bystander to encouraged him to apply it at the RTL “Got talent”. With the his own style of playing the flute in one, the rain maker or other percussion instruments in the other hand, applied it and touched millions of viewers.

Since then, followed by numerous appearances on radio, television and concert halls. His first album “Spirit Of The Hawk” reached gold status in early 2012 in record time and the second album released in November 2012 “Flying Heart” could connect to the success of its predecessor. Meanwhile, Leo Rojas has sold over 150,000 albums what sensational sales are in the field of instrumental music. His success in Germany reached his home country of Ecuador.