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Brian Buijsse Research

Known as much damage that excess chocolate can do to humans, however little by little has been the positive effects of chocolate on the heart people. Beyond romanticism that leads to the bride and groom to give chocolates, the truth is that sweet is much more beneficial than others. In a study conducted more than 20 thousand people found that small doses of daily dark chocolate could benefit in the prevention of heart attack or stroke. This study was developed by a group of German researchers and the results were published in the journal of research and health European Heart Journal. According to the percentages found, researched population those who not consumed chocolate showed an increased risk (39%). Despite the forcefulness of the research they believe is rushed rushing to buy chocolate for increasing consumption.

Definitely, this will therefore depend on the calories you need to consume each day. Remember that a piece of dark chocolate of 100 grams can contain up to 500 calories. Finally, it is important not to exaggerate in these investigations that somehow this could be misinterpreted. There is no doubt that the consumption of certain products that have been stigmatized in society is important, however, any product is good in excess and is accurate to the population report adequately with their respective physician. The same specialist research, Brian Buijsse, recommended that the population does not consume more chocolate because of the results of this research could become an excuse for some people and chocolate in excess can cause obesity.

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Uses Of The Dandelion

MEDICINAL: It is one of the plants that most stimulates the urine, proof of this is that in Catalonia it is known as pixallis (mea beds). The root is a laxative and bitter tonic, so it is used in cases where it is necessary to eliminate toxins in the blood – cholesterol, diabetes – or – obesity – liquids. It is also used to treat kidney laspiedras. It is good to treat hepatitis and cirrhosis, due to its stimulant properties of hepatic and biliary function. It is very effective in cases of poisoning, improve digestion and stimulate the appetite, for this reason it is often used to treat the disorder of anorexia. It is a good remedy against anaemia and blindness.

FOOD: Dandelion is included within the edible wild plants and can be taken alongside other vegetables in salads, providing them with a very tasty bitter touch. Mixed with vegetables like onion, celery or carrot in the form of broth provides nourishing and cleansing properties to the body. Also taken as a substitute for coffee, taking its roots roasted and ground. In infusions contributes to soothe the anger, depression, jealousy, hypersensitivity and resentment. COSMETICS: In external use, is used to remove impurities from the skin due to its rich in beta-carotene, which the body transforms into vitamin A, great ally of the cutis. TRIVIA: The name Dandelion is due to its toothed leaves, which resemble triangular and uneven teeth of the lion. The name of Taraxon comes from the Greek taraxacum, which means I remuevo, for its laxative properties.In the 16th century magicians believed that if a person is rubbed with a dandelion would be fortunate and well received everywhere.Small, all have ever played to blow the flowers of this plant with the appearance of cotton. According to this game, dandelion flowers are called grandparents.

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Centers Course

So, if you ever wanted to build a successful family, or you already have a family and you want to make it a success, then you have every chance! In fact, you have much contact with each member of his family: his wife, children, even with her parents. And if you communicate, you do it sincerely, and will seek to understand person with whom you communicate, the chances of your family to a successful existence spike. In other matters, and the atmosphere in the family will be much better. Of course, there are times when communication in the family is far from ideal. Well, it does not mean that this family is all over.

All you need is to restore communication. Well, those who lived in the world for over 20 years, probably already thinking something like “easy to talk to improve communication, but who’d like to do it.” That Well, I totally agree with you! Indeed, many people say that we need to improve something, without giving any real instruments. But not this time. And I have good news for you: there is not just a theory how to improve communication, and training that allow you to work out just learned into practice. Contained in this course, you can now go to the Centers’ Efficiency of personality “or Scientology organizations that are close to you. And these courses: “Creating a successful marriage,” “How to keep happy marital relationship,” “How to save the marriage relationship.” Many people have improved their relationship with their families, after studying these courses. Here are some of their reviews: “Anyone who is planning to start a family or married, must pass this course.

He helped me see why my previous marriage ended in divorce and how can I take more responsibility and create a successful marriage! “D.” It was an amazing course! I never realized that the reasons why people get divorced, so simple. People tend to complicate what is actually simple. I believe that this course is worth a million dollars. He was so helpful, and now all my embarrassment has disappeared! Now I know what happened in my previous failed marriages. ” DT, you too can learn these courses, create a successful family, or improve an existing one. Your future is in your hands.

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Electrocardiogram Analysis

The performance of the nurse during the verification of a eletrocardiograma estimates the acquisition of specific abilities, since, if it makes important the knowledge of the diverse cardiolgicas alterations that the examination it can evidence and by means of this used being of the assistance of the professional in order to minimize or to extinguish complications to the health of the patient who can come to happen either in a daily pay-hospital attendance (emergencial), or in an elective examination. This study it has as objective to evaluate the vision that the nurse has in the interpretation of the eletrocardiograma. The present study one is about a research of the exploratrio type, bibliographical type with qualitative boarding. For the elaboration of the research it was necessary to national consult works published in propagated scientific articles by means of the Internet and in books that dealt with the subject. Then, it is arrived conclusion to be the taking of decision of the professional an indispensable attribute front the possible cardiolgicas alterations that can place the life of the patient at risk.

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Front Doors

Once in the apartment renovation begins, the question "What do I do with these ceilings?" Discouraged many hunting for repair. Yes, a complex question. Immediately covered with a film submitted to furniture and flooring, covered peeled off dry paint, etc. All this could have been patient, knowing that the outcome will meet the expectations and get quality, smooth surface, which serve more than one couple of years. In man-made century it was felt that the wooden door is not able to guarantee the safety of the apartment. Armoured door – that's a guaranteed response to frequent break-ins of apartments and private homes. Is this true? We consider each type of door, with its positive side and note design flaws. The first – a wooden door.

It is sufficiently strong, as if made of oak or other dense wood, it has a fairly large resistance to cracking. Correct execution of wood door locks with built-in laser incisions may ward off burglar – it does not take a crowbar and selection keys. Planted only with stenobitnoy machine. Additional positive from this type of doors – a chic, rich look. Even the cover 'a timber' iron door can not be compared with the noble varnished wooden surface.

The door of the tree has sufficient heat and sound insulation, but is subject to humidity fluctuations air. To prevent drying out of its cover special structures, although this increases the cost of an already expensive purchase. Another type of gentrification – carving on the front door. Mainly used in offices, which is important, not security functions (alarm, guard post), and . As well as forged fence, underlines the high status of the firm. Especially since the right-treated wood will last in contact with the external environment than pvc and other synthetic coatings. Good door protects your home, office of penetration. Bad – can give to repulse even paneled wooden partitions. The basic details that must present in each armored doors – a rigid skeleton of complex shape (frame not only on the perimeter), welded construction around the junction of the leaf with a framework, hidden adjustable hinges (if they can not be cut off grinder and open the door), the system vandal-resistant coatings, anticorrosive coating door. To increase the Burglar is possible to order crossbar locks, although today it is no longer an option, as standard equipment. Steel door has a good sound insulation properties, only if the design inside the door used heat and sound insulating materials. As a rule, it is non-combustible fillers, most mineral wool. Heat loss possible between the door and frame, so you should pay attention to the strip, their period of service, and pay particular attention to filling the building with foam mounting hvov. And in conclusion I would like to remind you that no door can not guarantee 100% burglar resistance. This is just one species to prevent penetration, so choose not only the 'book', but also beauty, even if it's steel door.