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Claude Killy

Recall that for free petrol can expect Owners of cars with engine capacity of not more than 1300 cubic centimeters, a mass of no-load not exceeding 1000 kg, environmental class 'Euro-3' and above. The car should be put on record the territorial divisions of the traffic police during the period from October 1, 2008 to December 1, 2009. In Sochi, launched the program for the rehabilitation of leopard in the Caucasus in Sochi completed the construction of a specialized center for breeding and rehabilitation of leopards in the Caucasus, established within the framework of conservation ecology in the construction of the 2014 Olympics. Last week held its official opening, during which the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin issued a of cells in the cages of two leopard. These two leopards were caught in Russia in Turkmenistan and transported by plane to Sochi.

The Prime Minister thanked the President of Turkmenistan for their help in catching his country and delivery of the first specimens of this species of leopard. Present at the opening of the Centre for Environment and Olympic officials have praised the leadership of Russia's intention to establish the Caucasus in the next 10-15 years 'northern core' populations leopard. Animals in the Caucasus Nature Reserve was released in conditions as close to the conditions of their habitat in Turkmenistan. ioc member Jean-Claude Killy said he is satisfied that, in preparation for the Olympic Games Russia shows' exceptional care about wildlife. " In addition, an Olympic official said he hoped that the leopard will become the new symbol of the Olympic movement – the struggle for human health and for protecting wildlife.

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Global Warming Affects People

At the summit of the big 'eights' discussed the problem of global climate change. Baikal remains a clean lake. The mouth of the Volga River was among the ten most polluted coastal areas in the world. Birds can save the vanishing African forests. Because of the widespread use of nitrogen fertilizers has increased the number of deaths from diabetes. Scientists have proposed a new system of calculating liability for pollution. Global warming reduces productivity.

Overview of events for the week of 06/07/2009 to 12/07/2009. The mouth of the Volga River was among the ten most polluted coastal areas of the world in the top ten list of most polluted coastal areas hit the mouth of the Volga. Great Russian river made the list a group of scientists from the University of California at Santa Barbara (USA), which has contributed so-called 'hot spots' – the most polluted coastal rivers, which is increasingly affected by human activity on land. The study authors note that most coastal areas suffer from a huge number of different types of industrial and domestic emissions on land. This is particularly evident in the mouths of large rivers, so in them gets a lot of waste from smaller tributaries. At 23 place in the list of coastal areas experiencing the greatest negative impact due to human activities on land located downstream of the Don. A dirtiest on the planet was found the mouth of the Mississippi River. According to scientists at the present time almost all coastal areas of the Earth affected by human activity, as well as on the efforts of the recent global climate change.