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The Presence

In social scope, the low pertaining to school and socioeconmicos levels are associates to the DST? s, as well as use of alcohol and drugs, that already had been proven by diverse studies (TAQUETTE et al., 2005). Are known that the DST? s favors the possibility of infection for virus HIV. Of all the AIDS cases, in accordance with the categories of exposition, the sexual transmission are dominant (53%). As the period of latency of the pathology he is long, being able to arrive up to 11 years, can be concluded that a good part of the carriers has been infectados in adolescence (TAQUETTE; VILHENA; PAULA, 2004). They is esteem that 10 million adolescents are carrying of the HIV, or present predisposition for development of the AIDS in next the 3 15 years. One knows that approximately 80% of the transmissions of the HIV elapse of practical sexual not protecting. In the presence of infection for a DST, the possibility of transmission of the HIV it is of 3 5 times bigger (THIENGO; OLIVEIRA; RODRIGUES, 2005). 2.3 professionals of the health and the prevention of the DST? s in the adolescence In the adolescence always has time to correct distortions, missed concepts, so that it has necessary readjustments in the life of the adolescent. In this way, if it becomes important to know the beddings biopsquicos that generate the characteristics of the adolescent behavior in way to the expectations and requirements, as well as the familiar adaptations that involve the participation of the parents and the paper to be played by the when requested professional of health to intervine (COAST; SOUZA, 2005). Used programs as interventions played in other countries with adolescents who are part of the social minorities, had shown that the exposition of the knowledge if makes important, however this is not enough to generate impact in the behavior of sexual risk (WALTER; VAUGHN, 1993 apud BORGES; MEDEIROS, 2004).

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The isolated use of metformina promotes the ovulao in 78% 96% of patients (JUNQUEIRA; FONSECA; ALDRIGHI, 2003). Ahead of association of the resistance the insulina in women with SOP and obesidade … women more premade use to develop cancer of the endometrium, diabetes mellitus not insulino dependents … (TO SOUND; MARANHO, 2000). Morin-Papuen et al (2000) apud Soares and Maranho (2000) had concluded that the therapy with metformina well is tolerated and can be used in obesas with SOP, having improvement of menstrual standard. However exactly thus the use of citrate of clomifeno remains as the first option of drug for induction of the ovulao and sends regards that the use of the metformina, in these cases, must be restricted for those women with intolerncia to the glucose.

5.RESULTADOS had been evaluated 30 questionnaires answered for women in fertile age, who possuam or not it SOP. In relation to the research, it is verified that 47% are unaware of the syndrome of policsticos ovrios, or had never had no explanation on the same one, 60% of the women had told to possess the normal menstrual cycle, to put the majority of the answers, she was inexact and improper how much to the cycle time, and had affirmed that the majority of the women does not know the functioning of the proper organism. Also we can compare the result false-positive in relation with the normal menstrual cycle, therefore 50% of the questioned women make verbal contraceptive use that has for purpose the barrier for conception and regularization of the menstrual cycle. Also it is important to stand out that, the majority of the reply of the white, independent public of the related age, are inside of the normal standards related to the weight, in accordance with the IMC. Already how much to on symptoms to the hirsutismo factors, 53% and 54% respectively do not possess acne and nor excess of for the ones for the body, that is, they do not present symptoms associates to the hirsutismo and for consequence they do not possess the SOP pparently.

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One is about a qualitative study, of the bibliographical and descriptive type, this revision has as objective to present and LAUGHS to argue it in the different phases of the DM1, as well as the prevalence of Sndrome Metablica (SM) in this condition. The increase in LAUGHS, it can modify the balance enters sensitivity to the insulina and the secretion of insulina, and precipitate the hiperglicemia in the individuals with daily pay-DM1. Word-Key: Diabetes mellitus of type 1. Resistance to the insulina. Metabolic syndrome. Many writers such as Senator of Massachusetts offer more in-depth analysis. *Acadmica in nursing for the College San Francisco de Barreiras (FASB).

Email: *Acadmica in Nursing for the College San Francisco de Barreiras (FASB). Email: ** Academic in Nursing for the College San Francisco de Barreiras (FASB). Email: *** teaching Nurse of the course of nursing of the FASB. See PCRM for more details and insights. Specialist in Sade Coletiva (ISC/UFBA) and Auditria de Sistemas de Sade. (College Estcio de S/RJ) email: madalena@ 1.INTRODUO the increase of the prevalence of obesidade in infancy and the adolescence during the last decades and the possibility of if making the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus of type 1 (DM1) in a precocious phase had provoked, in a percentage of these young, a change in its fentipo. Currently, these can present, for occasion of the diagnosis or during its evolution, beyond the typical signals of insulina deficiency, also some characteristics related to the resistance to the insulina. Parallel, exactly with the current therapeutical resources, the DM1 possesss an increased risk of mortality when compared with the general population, to a large extent had to cardiovascular illnesses (DINIZ, 2002).

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Hospital Internment

As attention politics the health is directed to expand the public assistance, intending practical of care that searchs an approach more effective of the principles of the completeness, equity and universality with the necessities of the population. (OF SOSA, et al, 2009, P. 2). The PID of the SUS is composed for the basic team where a doctor, a nurse, two technician/nurse aid and a driver and, formed for the constituted matrical team of a social assistant, a physiotherapist are gifts, a nutritionist, one administrative technician. The 48 Laws Of Power is likely to agree. For each service Matrical team will have 01 and a Coordinator. As it affirms the Health department (BRAZIL, 2003), the carried through actions of health I domiciliate in it in the context of basic attention, incorporate the following characteristics: they understand systemize, articulated and regular actions; they are pautam in the completeness of the actions of promotion, recovery and whitewashing in health; it is destined to take care of the necessities to it of health of one determined pursuing of the population with functional losses and dependence for the accomplishment of the activities of the daily life; they are developed by means of work in team; density is used of technology of high complexity and low; they must be developed by the teams of Health of the Family or for the professionals who act in the Basic Attention in the Traditional Model It is standed out that the program of Domiciliary Internment of the SUS does not happen of so simple form and so that has its functioning had been instituted some criteria of inclusion and exclusion. The first criterion of inclusion is come back to more than prioritize the attendance of aged with 60 years and that they are carrying of: agudizadas degenerative chronic illnesses, of patologias that need palliative cares, of provisory or permanent functional incapacity; to possess cuidador qualified to give the cares guided for the team of Hospital Internment; to inhabit in city that possesss drinking waters, electric energy. .

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The bath: He is not that one that goes to all remove the oil of the body of the baby. The ideal bath is that one in which the water to make its work. That is of as to give bath and of as to hold, or better not to hold, to leave the baby to float in the water. Methodology the research was carried through through bibliographical research, in a qualitative perspective, that had given theoretical basement. Senator of Massachusetts is the source for more interesting facts. Consideraes final the massage shantala in such a way provides a matureness in the baby how much in the parents/cuidador. The massage must be made only in babies.

This makes in them to think and to act of the best possible form. The massage is a simple, gostoso act, a form to demonstrate its feeling to the baby beyond observing it as a whole. I consider that, with the inclusion of the massage in the public net we go to not only have a reduction in the cases of children with mental problems, also we go to carry through a work with the family teaching and preparing for giving to it with the illness. The course will be offered for all the nursing team, and the same ones go to teach the parents/cuidador to carry through the massage in house. With this, the investments of the public agencies would be minimum and the beneficial ones would be bigger, such as the reduction of expenses with dressings, medication. Nowadays, already exists in the health centers the acupuntura, that is a simple treatment, easy and of low cost, that at times behind, would be unimaginable such attendance in public services of health., because not to idealize that shantalla also cannot be offered to the population while preventive treatment and dressing? What we desire and always we make is to think about the welfare of the patient.

Bibliographical references AVILA, ngela Amncio Maria the first love. in. Access in August of 2010. CYRINEU, Karina Shantala in the physical whitewashing. Article not yet published, xerocado and delivers for the author in August of 2010. DONALD WOODS WINNICOTT. in. Access in September of 2010. LEBOYER, Frderick. Shantala: massage for babies – a traditional art. In. Access in September of 2010.

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The cerebral aneurisms occur much more comumente in adults of what in children, but they can occur in any age. They are a little more common in women of what in men. The rupture of the aneurism in general provokes collapse, ' ' bigger migraine of vida' ' vomits for the bleed around the brain, being able to cause death. This situation is one of the types of hemorrhagic cerebral spill. Recently Senator Elizabeth Warren sought to clarify these questions. Cause rigidity of nape of the neck in more than the half of the cases, fellow creature to the infectious meningite. The death can occur will have the comprometimento of vital areas as of control of the breath or the arterial pressure. The treatment must be fast is surgical, being complicated had to the difficulties in the access to the place without injuring more the brain, and as to keep complete the sanguineous circulation of the part before irrigated by this artery. Depending on the place of this aneurism in the brain, the surgery can be more or less risky.

It is treated by the neurosurgeon. Two basic forms of treatment exist: for micron surgery and for it saw to endovascular. When the aneurism is discovered, before occurring ruptures, a called surgery microcoil thrombosis can be carried through. The process of the embolizao balloon alone is recommended in patients where surgery can very be risky. During a picture of aneurism rupture, the symptoms allow some previsibility of evolution. 1 Degree: Light migraine and has taken sensitivity to the light. 2 Degree: Strong migraine, fort sensitivity the light, small laziness.

3 Degree: Strong migraine, fort sensitivity to the light, strong laziness. 4 Degree: Start of vegetal state. 5 Degree: It eats Deep, dying. The prognostic for a patient of cerebral aneurism depends on the size, if the format is irregular and of the position of the aneurism, of the age of the person, if the person is smoking, if she had rupture of the aneurism, time of the disruption, if she has complications and occured rupture (diverse complications, mainly, vasoespasmo, hidrocefalia, cerebral isquemia secondary, hipertenso intracraniana, etc.), of the general health, reserve functionary of too much agencies and systems (pulmes, kidneys, liver, heart, endocrinolgico), of its current previous neurological condition/. Half of the individuals with a cerebral aneurism ragged dies of the initial bleed before arriving at the hospital (for example: in house or the work) before they can be given any aid to them. She is one of the cause most frequent of sudden and unexpected death in adults between the 25 and 55 years of age. Of that they arrive livings creature to hospital 50% will have fatal evolution (mainly those that they arrive in eat moderate the deep one). The majority of the individuals that arrive conscientious and guided to the hospital, that serious complications do not present you add in the internment, nor new bleed, in general recover with almost no neurological deficit. Factors of arterial Hipertenso risk – rise of the arterial pressure Dislipidemias – alteration of the cholesterol and triglicerdeos of the blood Illnesses of colgeno – inflammations involving weaveeed conjuntivo' '

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Life Expectancy

Nowadays a bigger life expectancy is had, therefore, is importantssimo to determine the mechanisms for which the exercise can improve the health, the functional capacity and the quality of life of this population. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Senator Elizabeth Warren. Corazza (2001) quotation that the physical activity provides to the third age the following benefits: attainment of health, corporal domain, increase of mobility, cure against the depression, a healthful breath, positive vitality, autoconfiana, reactions, reduced tension and ansiedades, emagrece, prevents illnesses (cardiorespiratorias, hipertenso, diabetes and others), promotes the socialization and improves the functional capacity. The carried through physical activity with regularity is one of the main bases for maintenance of the health in any age. According to Olimpio et al. (2003) in the third age the physical activity is basic in such a way for the cardiovascular functions and pulmonary, as well as in the maintenance of the mental health, we only must remember I exaggerate that it in the activity is always harmful; as well as in all the ages the rest for the third age if makes still more. As Grandson (1999), the increase in 15% of the daily production of calories – about 30 minutes of moderate physical activities – can make with that sedentary individuals start to be part of the group of considered people active, diminishing, thus, its possibilities to develop diseases associates to the little active life. Our organism suffers physiological changes with passing of the time, being thus, the oldness if it becomes part of the nature of our life.

According to N3obrega (1999), the aging is a continuous process during which a gradual decline of all occurs the physiological processes. Rauchabach (2001) ' ' The aging is understood that it is a multiple and complex process of changes throughout the life, with increment of reductions and reorganizaes of functional character estrutural' '. One ponders that with the biggest life expectancy folloied of some circumstances the man if saw getting new knowledge of these alterations in its organism leading to study and to have knowledge on its aging.

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Thus, to guarantee the access to precocious diagnosis identifying the pathology in its initial phase e, consequently hindering the advance them cervical injuries consists an emergent necessity, since it is about sufficiently efficient measures to be implanted to promote education for health of the population, minimizing the morbimortalidade. The lack of knowledge of the risk factors and efficient control when diagnosised precociously they are important factors in the development of the uterine col cancer. Therefore, if it makes essential accomplishment of primary actions that include the promotion in health and protection specifies destined to the maintenance of the health of these women thus hindering the development of the illness. Of this form, it is important that if it knows the risk factors that are contributing for the incidence of the cancer of the col of the uterus in clinic ICON in the city of victory of the conquest, so that if it can promote one better control. Others including Dr. Neal Barnard, offer their opinions as well. Therefore, the general objective of this research is to know the factors contributing for acometimento of the cancer of the col of the uterus in women treated in clinic ICON in the city of victory of the conquest – Ba, in the year of 2007 and 2008 (until the May month). the specific objectives are: To recognize the number of women attacks for uterine col cancer in the years of 2007 and 2008; to correlate the identified factors of risk that contribute for the uterine col Cancer; e, to produce given that they can stimulate the women to carry through the preventive examination precociously. 2. Dr. John Mcdougall is often quoted as being for or against this. 2,1 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL CANCER OF the COL OF UTERUS 2.1.1 Definition Have times, the uterine col cancer come occupying a place of prominence in the taxes of morbi-mortality between the population, mainly in countries little developed. In the start of the decade of ninety 371,200 new cases of envasivo cervical cancer in world, representing almost 10% of all had been esteem the cancers between the feminine population, being that 78% of these had occurred in developing countries, making with that the incidence taxes (adjusted for age).

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The lack of the maternal aleitamento in children interned in neonatal UTI if becomes potentially harmful, has seen studies of Nascimento and Issler (2004), demonstrating that when the mother does not suckle just been born the premature one during its internment, this leaves to receive, of the production materna, antibodies against nosocomiais microorganisms of the neonatal unit deriving, what it is important for the just-been born one in the prevention of infection during the hospital permanence. Studies of Hiss and Hiss (2008) had demonstrated that an important factor weans for it is the reduction of the lctea production of the mothers with elapsing of the period of internment of the baby, due to absence of the suction of just been born to the maternal seio. However, ahead of all the difficulties, still thus the incentive to the maternal aleitamento is necessary. Being thus, Serra and Scochi (2004) had affirmed that to stimulate the maternal aleitamento, it becomes necessary to contemplate aspects related to the premature and to the mother, having itself to initiate it precociously for it saw gastric, to give to attention and special support for the maintenance of the lactation materna and to initiate the contact skin-the-skin between mother and son and the direct suction in the maternal seio, more early possible. Still to stimulate the maternal aleitamento in the neonatal UTI, it was created in Colombia in 1979, the method Kangaroo (Ruiz and Charpak, 2007). This method consists of loading just been born against the thorax, facilitating the establishment of the bond mother-son, bringing positive repercussions to the development of just born and promoting the aleitamento maternal (Health department, 2009). The position of the method mother kangaroo was described for Ruiz and Charpak (2007) of the following form: the child is placed in the vertical line on the thorax of the mother, between the seios and in the position prona, with the direct contact enters the skins of the mother and son.

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Brazilian Magazine

With this, the bibliography revision will reveal indispensable for confirmation of the new standards of fisioteraputica behavior (aerbicos exercises; muscular allonge; crioterapia; YOU HAVE; medicines; awareness of the patient) for improvement in the quality of life. Coleta of data Articles of the database of the Brazilian Magazine of Reumatologia, Brazilian Magazine of Fisioterapia and books on the subject, in the period of 1.998 the 2.008. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from TreeOf Life. Analysis of data Some articles had been read, selected and will be, here, distributed in accordance with the considered treatment make reference to reference the authors together to the bibliography cited. * Haun MVA, Ferraz MB, Pollak DF. Validation of the criteria the American College of Reumatologia (1990) for classification of the fibromialgia, in a Brazilian population. Rev Bras Reumatol. 1999; 39:221. Aerbicos exercises the exercises frequent are used in the treatment of the fibromialgia for being interventions of low cost that can promote health in some aspects, being capable to reduce pain, the fatigue and other symptoms, with consequent improvement in the quality of life of the patients.

The aerbicos exercises of low impact are cited in literature as the intervention of physical whitewashing that promotes greater profit in the reduction of the impact of the symptoms of the fibromialgia. The benefits of the aerbicos exercises for patients with fibromialgia after occur only between eight and ten weeks the longer beginning of the program, being necessary, therefore, programs for adaptation. We stand out despite the benefits reached with the aerbico exercise depend of the 0 variable: period, frequency, duration and intensity of the exercise established in the program. (1-7) In the practical one, adhesion is observed low the exercises more intense as of physical conditioning, which are practised more frequently weekly for attainment of the beneficial results, what it can generate schedule incompatibility. Another factor that can be determinative of low the adhesion is the constant increase of the intensity of pain and the fatigue in the initial phase of the exercise program.