CCTV Systems

Security surveillance systems are designed for visual observation of the object protected by cameras. CCTV systems allow you to watch at the same time for one or more objects. Cameras CCTV can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The task of security surveillance systems is a visual representation of video information on the operational situation of the controlled object. The most simple video monitoring system includes one or more video cameras and a monitor or TV. Security cameras can be mounted on rotary devices on or inside the premises and allow to carry out round the clock monitoring of the protected area. In conjunction with CCTV can use motion sensors (detectors), lighting systems and other accessories. Security Systems CCTV can create a flexible and scalable security system, which may include not only the components of video surveillance systems, and fire alarm and access control systems.

Covert Video surveillance is used to improve the effectiveness of protection and installed where necessary to conceal the fact of observation. The task of CCTV – not to study visitors, and monitor the situation on protected area. Videophones and intercoms are the most simple and affordable means to protect the apartment, the entrance of an apartment house, a small office or home country. Video door entry system consists of video entryphone systems and monitors. The structure is only audiotrubka Audioon-door, and audio unit. Video door entry system, in contrast to Audioon-door, can not only talk with a visitor, but to see it. At intercom equipment remotely controlled lock, the door can be opened remotely.

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