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The collection and comparison of results was through the summary report provided by the SPAV to complete the evaluation. For even more opinions, read materials from Eva Andersson-Dubin. We obtained 256 pairs of reports. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with lee marks. Results The results obtained from the summary report of the SPAV allowed the following analysis: Comparison of results obtained with the Test of Articulation of Repetition and the first application of SPAV. We compared those items that both tests evaluated: phonemes in initial position, middle and end, consonant and vowel diphone diphones. The overall results of both tests agreed 100% (Normal, dyslalia and presence of PSF). Comparison between the two applications of SPAV in relation to the number of matches obtained. We compared the first application made by an audiologist, and the second application of SPAV, performed by another professional, finding an average of 81.02% a overlap between the results obtained from both applications. Given the above results we can conclude the following:

a SPAV The software presents the same results as the Test of Articulation to repeat with the advantage of automatically process the results without interference from the examiner. 2. a The coincidence of results found between the first and the second application of SPAV, conducted by different examiners, was highly significant beyond 80% matches. 3. a The application of SPAV is surprisingly quick, independent examiners. Obviously the more the user becomes familiar with the test, the faster your application. Importantly, there was a 18.98% of discrepancies in the results obtained by different examiners and investigators who attribute it to the following: Differences among examiners: The clinical experience of each of the examiners and in particular their ability to discriminate sounds and PSF of children with more problems may have influenced the difference in results.

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Buying a bed is a long-term investment. The life of a mattress depends on its quality, its use, its maintenance and how you take care of yourself. A quality mattress is usually last about 10 years. Although apparently mattresses are never dirty, its maintenance and cleaning are important points to bear in mind that it’s parts that are in direct contact with our body. Follow a few simple rules of maintenance that will make more lasting the life of your mattress, although the correct and proper maintenance will depend greatly on the type of mattress: securely mount the bed. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and read any maintenance guide. You always have to remove the plastic sleeve, since it can lead to condensation and moisture.

If the product has an odor from factory, leave to breathe, uncovered, with the Windows of the room open hours. A few simple habits of maintenance make the appearance and composition of your bed to last more years. Aeration: If every day we make the bed nothing more lift us, mattress can not perspire and will begin to accumulate odors. In addition, in seasons like summer, where you will sweat a lot, it is suitable to perform this aeration from thirty minutes to an hour daily approximately. Open the Windows of the room for better ventilation.Every day when you wake up, leave bed without doing around 20mins or more in the summer, to avoid build-up of odors and that may transpire. Protect the mattress with a cover; It must be quality and washable, it is also treated with an agent bacterial anti that stops the proliferation of fungi and mites, ideal for people who suffer from asthma. Cleaning: Clean them periodically to remove all traces of dust. It is advisable not to ever soak a mattress, rub with a mild detergent using a damp cloth.

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Living The Dream

Imagine that you are living the life of your dreams, that you have achieved and you are reaching all that one day you proposed. You’re very happy enjoying a complete financial freedom that lets you do everything that you want. You’ve achieved an enviable balance in all your aspects that had never before achieved. Patrick smith will not settle for partial explanations. Now well… Wake up!! Actually that is what more you want? and the most important question are willing to pay the price for higher that is? Do you know how much worth those dreams? and what is the price you should be paying on a daily basis in order to achieve them and not remain more than wishes? Ofcourse that there is a response that will allow you to be conscious of this reality we all face every day: walk in post of our dreams and build them every day.After knowing the price, do not wilt thou suffer hours will you spend in vain but always doing something that you route towards what you want. There is a simple way. Pay close attention.It determines exactly how much you need in a month at a minimum. Let’s assume one any amount, for example $2000.

Which would mean that each week you should make 2000/4 = $500. If you work five days a week, would represent 500/5 = $100 daily newspapers. If every day you work average 8 hours per day, then: each time you would represent 100/8 =$ 12.5 in this case, per each hour that you let pass without be doing something productive, something that you route towards what you want would represent you $12.5 to your finances. It’s believed that Maya Dubin, New York City sees a great future in this idea. You’re using your time productively? Remember, this is just a simple example. But you and I know that the value of our dreams is much bigger, that such a career, a new House, last car model, invest in a business, etc, etc, all that together, dreams that your better than anyone knows it.If to the exercise you do to not stay with doubts, you will notice that adding the value of your most missed dreams, what you now earn in a day can be that you are need to win one hour. What is the price per hour of your financial freedom? What you’re doing at this moment, you are driving towards what you want? How much longer will leave pass to focus on what really filled with satisfaction your life in really important activities? How much downtime you’ve been letting pass or you are letting pass without letting your balance? As final recommendation if even thinking in that focus most of your time: 1) develops your strengths to the fullest. Work on them, your best that nobody know them, know that you are really very good and you do it with satisfaction.

(2) Specialize in something related to those skills and strengths. Anything that you like, but focus on you and do it. This way you’ll be ready for the following: 3) turns that knowledge into services that help thousands of people get what they want through what your best can do. (4) Converts your downtime into productive time and have fun while the you do.

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Weight Loss Health

To delete definitely weight the key is that and how much we eat as well as how much exercise we can do to eliminate the excess calories that ultimately are responsible for the increase of fat in the body and therefore weight. Diets for weight loss work most of them, however, that are very strict and restricted in terms of variety and quantity of food to consume daily, are more difficult to follow, there are diets varied, rich and structured weight loss in a short time. To lose 20 kilos it is obvious that this goal cannot be achieved in one week since we would put at risk the stability of our body and therefore our health. The process of removing weight must be gradual and controlled in such a way of not falling into excesses to accelerate the loss of pounds. So we need to establish more moderate objectives for achieving them without putting at risk our health and also in the mental aspect will not waive subsistence allowance not see immediate or rapid results.

Another very important factor that affects our decision to eliminate weight constitutes it the eating habits that we live and that they are responsible directly for our excess weight, must replace them and keep them from by life between sooner better if we want to live with a better quality of life and avoid complications which produces excess weight. As I have already mentioned are our eating habits with the passage of time and slowly which have led us to this situation, so it is precisely what we must change, and also maintain a culture of good nutrition from now. It is for our benefit and we will also have wonderful rewards that we will improve our appearance, image, energy, self-esteem, joy and above all physical and mental health. You can lose weight in a short time! Lose weight eating everything!