Secretary General Agreement

The Socialists will direct to three councils and nationalists five. Paulino Rivero (CC) will be the president and the Socialist Jose Miguel Perez the vice-president. Canary coalition (CC) and the PSC-PSOE has reached east Friday an agreement from government for next the four years in the Canary Islands, in which the nationalist Paulino Rivero will continue being president of the Executive and the Secretary General socialist canary, Jose Miguel Perez, the vice-president. The Socialists will direct to three councils and nationalists five, has announced the spokesman of the PSC-PSOE in the negotiating commission, Francisco Hernandez Spnola. The nationalists will direct to the subjects related to economic policy, social services, health and operation outside of the area, whereas the Socialists will be in charge of the rridos to justice, public administration, education, equality, sustainability, use, industry, energy and commerce, although not yet the new nomenclature of the eight councils under which is defined they will group these areas.

Francisco Hernandez Spnola and the spokesman of CC, Jose Miguel Barragn, said that the agreement will have to be ratified by the directions of both divided to sign it next Monday. The negotiating commission has ratified that the distribution of the government will be the announced one of eight councils, of which, five will be for CC and three for the PSOE. As far as the composition of the table of the Parliament, the socialist spokesman said that the Presidency will fall to CC, the Vice-presidency first in the PSOE and the Secretariat First also will be for the nationalists. As far as whom they will carry out the positions, neither Spnola nor Barragn advanced names, that in the case of CC will be named directly by the future president of the canary Government, Paulino Rivero. The components of the pact have decided to supply to the PP the negotiation of the renovation that must take place in the dependent organs of the Parliament, like the Deputy of the Common one, the Consultative Council and the Hearing of Accounts.

The agreement it also includes that the designation of certain organs of representation of the Government and other dependent institutions of the Executive will be approved by the Council of Government. As far as the breaches of both parties on the pacts between CC and PSOE in the institutions where they added majorities, Barragn has indicated that the political directions of both formation will insist on which some of the breaches in the city councils of the past Saturday are led back. As much in the Town hall of the Iron as in the one of the Palm the possibility is abre of incorporating to the Socialists in certain areas. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. John Mcdougall. As far as the situation of the Town hall of Gran Canaria, where PP and CC have reached an agreement to govern, they reiterated that in that institution one third force has been necessary, reason why is not integrated in this agreement. Barragn has said that the programmatic document that Monday will subscribe gives priority to the social policies, to activate the economy for the use creation, to reduce to the bureaucratic administration and the companies and organisms public. With respect to the policy of use, Barragn it said that " the leaf of ruta" it will mark to the Pact by the Economy and the Use to it reached about the Government of Rivero in this last legislature with the economic and social agents. Source of the news: The pact of CC and the PSOE in the Canary Islands allow Rivero to follow like president

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