Generally, the man fears to deal this subject with their pairs, by pain, but the reality has demonstrated that it is of extreme importantancia to count on the aid, the understanding, the patience and mainly with the collaboration of his pair. You will ask yourself, because? and the answer is very simple, if what you look for you are a definitive treatment, you will have to realise a program of exercises and techniques for the precocious eyacualcin in which its pair plays an important role. In addition it is necessary to add to him to the previous thing, that without his pair it does not have real knowledge than occurs to him to you, you will be much more difficult to realise his tratatamiento since to her will become certain behaviors by part rare hers during the sexual realcin. In the case of the men who do not have a pair, they will have to follow his focused treatment the men who are single, although at the moment in which this man obtains a pair will have to study its reactions carefully and to see if before the presence of a woman eyacualatorio can continue maintaining the same control that it has already been able to obtain with his treatment. In case of seeing handicapped its control eyaculatorio will have to make exactamento just like the men with stable pair do, speak with her and follow ahead with its treatment. It is truth that are options like the tablets for the precocious ejaculation or pills for precocious ejaculation that is going to help to extend their sexual encounter. With these tablets you will be able to most of see an effect inmediado in the cases, but this effect will only see it after taking them by some hours, but subsequent to his sexual encounter you will return again to fall since these tablets for the precocious ejaculation do not have a long term effect, only produce an immediate effect. Many men decide to both carry out treatments for the precocious ejaculation, the physical program of exercises and of techniques and to take the tablets for the precocious ejaculation, greater effectiveness from the beginning and mainly because they want to see immediate effects, everything is valid.

The pills for the precocious ejaculation estan directed to make level the serotonin levels in the brain. Other tablets look for to diminish the anxiety and stress levels, and others look for the two things. The serotonin has been observed that leaves from the control on the ejaculation is carried out by certain neurotransmitters, especially. The low serotonin levels are also related to different types from depression, a great number of problems of anxiety, stress and he is one of the physiological causes of the precocious ejaculation. Really, but the recommendable thing is to look for aid, to initiate a safe treatment and to speak with its pair. The three steps are necessary and important, but you are the one that must decide and take action.

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