In Brazil

It is the canal, for which, the teach-learning arrives until the pupil, either deaf or not. ' ' In this perspective n 10,09 of 23 of March of 1994, that it guarantees the accessibility to the special carriers of necessities in some spaces, allowing enters in validity the law the access of all in sociedade' ' (BLACKSMITH, 2008, P. 44). In this direction, the inclusive education must be part of the project pedagogical politician of the public schools, in order to insert the carrier of auditory deficiency in its picture of regular pupils. The professor, on the other hand, must be modernizing itself constantly, searching new sources of knowledge, working better the differences in classroom, and this is only possible with recycling, qualification, improvement through courses of after-graduation in language of signals, so that they can to communicate itself directly with the deaf pupils inside or it are of the pertaining to school space (IT HISSES, 2008). In Brazil, the inclusion politics has been adopted since basic education. These experiences, according to Blacksmith (2008, P. 44) ' ' they allow to perceive the difficulty of access to the Portuguese language faced by the deaf pupils, and the difficulties felt for the professors for the communication with the pupils surdos' ' As &#039 Hisses (2008, P.

26); ' the school for all, in general terms, demands that the community participates fighting the discriminatory attitudes and creating conditions so that the special carriers of educational necessities start to have success in vida' '. The pupils said ' ' normais' ' they must be guided in the treatment way stops with its deaf colleagues. If possible, they must be stimulated to learn the language of signals, and to treat them as they treat the too much colleagues. Therefore, as He hisses (2008), how much to the inclusive education, the educator must strengthen the maximum in learning to deal with the differences, to breach with preconceptions and to be prepared to live other educational realities that, more early or later, would call the attention the society, as it can be observed I break up in it: ' ' The people worried about education demand reform, reorganization and renewal of the schools.

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